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Structured Liberal Education (SLE)

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Florence Moore, 680 Lomita, 675 Lomita, Storey, 576 Alvarado, Muwekma, and apartments in Mirrielees and EVGR-A


Structured Liberal Education (SLE) is a residence-based academic program that encourages students to live a life of ideas in an atmosphere that emphasizes critical thinking and interpretation. Sometimes called “a liberal arts college experience” within the university, SLE focuses on great works of philosophy, religion, literature, art and painting, and film drawn largely, but not exclusively, from the Western tradition.

The SLE curriculum emphasizes artists and intellectuals who introduced new ways of thinking and new ways of creating to the world that have often overthrown or deeply changed tradition. Their contributions to intellectual history have redefined beauty, challenged the authority of conventional wisdom and institutions, and raised questions that remain important to us today. For good or ill, they helped create the world we live in.

  • House Type: first-year and sophomore
  • Capacity: Alondra (62 frosh, 4 upper-class), Paloma (46 frosh, 4 upper-class), Cardenal (68 sophomore)
  • Placement: East FloMo

Leadership Team

  • Roland Greene, Mark Pigott KBE Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences; Anthony P. Meier Family Professor in the Humanities; Professor of English and Comparative Literature; Director of the Stanford Humanities Center; Former Faculty Director of SLE
  • Alison McQueen, Associate Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science
  • Karla Oeler, Associate Professor, Department of Art and Art History; Faculty Director of ITALIC
  • Jeremy Sabol, Associate Director of SLE; Lecturer in SLE
  • Carly Taylor, Upperclass SLE alum
  • Elaine Treharne, Roberta Bowman Denning Professor of Humanities; Professor of English, and, by courtesy, of German Studies; Robert K. Packard University Fellow in Undergraduate Education; Director, Stanford Text Technologies; Resident Fellow of Ng House
  • Greg Watkins, Resident Fellow of East Florence Moore Hall; Lecturer in SLE

East FloMo

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