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Health & Well-Being

Professor Jansen at Toyon. Credit: Unknown

Riddell Endowed Fund

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This funding line supports bringing to campus and the residences significant leaders outside the arts. As quoted from this endowment, “the Fund shall be used hereafter to bring to Stanford University significant leaders of business, labor, the professions (construed broadly, but not including the arts) or government to give a lecture or a series of lectures to the Stanford Community and in particular to the undergraduate students in an area relevant to the speaker's expertise. If income permits, it would be desirable to have the lecturer visit with the students in their residences and through their organizations to whatever degree is feasible.”

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

More About the Riddell Endowed Fund

  • Application is required to access these funds, and requests can be made for individual house programs, house+house programs and house+neighborhood programs.
  • This fund is funded by an endowment. This funding is distributed equally across the neighborhoods.

Appropriate and Inappropriate Use of These Funds

Appropriate Use of These Funds

  • Costs associated with a talk or speech taking place on-campus by a significant leader in a field outside the arts, examples of appropriate fields include but are not limited to: climate, energy, health care, education, law, technology, sports, politics, activism. Appropriate costs include: 
    • venue fees, equipment rentals, other supply costs for temporarily setting up venue to make it appropriate for a talk or speech
    • speaking fees and/or honorarium for speaker 
    • transportation, lodging, gratitude gift for the speaker
    • refreshments or other minimal incentives for attendees
    • costs associated with a post-talk meal hosted in a residence with speaker and house residents

Inappropriate Use of These Funds (Will Not Be Approved)

  • Any speaker whose leadership is in an arts field, including but not limited to the visual arts, the literary arts or the performing arts. Examples include: art-creation workshop; literary reading; concert.
  • Any participation incentive more than $50 per person, or any gift cards of any value.
  • Any talk or speech taking place off-campus.
  • Alcohol for students.
  • Facility improvements, or the purchasing of furniture or other facility equipment typically provided by a venue (or Student Housing in case of a residence) or available to rent, including but not limited to: couches, tables, chairs, linens, lecterns, projectors and sound systems.
Stern Hall exterior, 2022. Credit: Sean Mckibbon-Ray