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Near or Far, We're All Trees Together 

Animated banner image featuring the word "ResEd" with a cut-out in the "Res" section of the lettering that features a rotation of imagery from campus scenes plus BLM & LGBTQ support messages with the "Ed" in a bright cardinal red against a cool grey background.
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Through living and learning together in the residences...

Students can grow in their ability to understand and negotiate difference and can prepare for the complexities of global citizenship.

Tile image featuring the word 'ResX' with the letters cut out with a photo of clouds against a blue sky laid underneath.


Now, more than ever, is a time we need to bring community to our campus.  ResX is a new, comprehensive vision for the undergraduate residential experience at Stanford to do just that. In fall 2021, we will implement key features of ResX. Everyone is invited to get involved.

Image featuring students in Stanford swag on a theme house trip.


Residential Education's essential conviction is that formal teaching, informal learning, and personal support are integral to a Stanford education. ResEd programs extend the classroom into the residences and complement the academic curriculum with activities and experiences supporting pre-assignment programs and themes in residence. Each house has its own set of requirements, which you must agree to fulfill in order to pre-assign.