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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being


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Yost House is situated in a serene, open space of West Campus near Lake Lagunita. We’re lucky to be close to exciting campus facilities like the Arrillaga Outdoor Education and Recreation Center (AOERC), the O’Donohue Family Farm, and the Windhover Contemplative Center. In Yost itself, we are lucky to have an open kitchen and in-house meal plan, as well as many balconies and decks for outdoor recreation. As a community, we strive for a caring, open, comfortable and inclusive environment.

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Resident Fellow

Photograph of Yost Resident Fellow

Jovana Lazić is a historian and serves as associate director of the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies and a lecturer at Stanford Global Studies. Her fascination with all things global started in childhood when she had to navigate her new home in New Jersey as a newly arrived immigrant from Yugoslavia (a country that no longer exists). As an undergraduate she studied International Relations at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and spent her junior year in Paris. She then earned her PhD in History from Yale, where her fascination with the First World War began. When not geeking out about history and global affairs, Jovana can be found baking traditional recipes from her grandmother’s cookbook, grabbing coffee with her daughter Mia, and chasing down their Chocolate Labrador, Charlie, and unruly kittens, Sam and Stella.

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Yost is located in...


550 Lasuen, Adams, EAST, Murray, Potter, Robinson, Schiff, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Suites, Synergy, Yost, and apartments in Mirrielees and Duan.

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

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