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How We Got Here & What's Next

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Learn more about the journey to neighborhoods and what’s coming up next for our residential communities.

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line


  • Spring 2018: Provost Drell commissions ResX Task Force as part of the Stanford’s long-range planning process.
  • Summer-Fall 2018: Over the course of six months, the task force meets with more than 500 students, alumni, faculty, and staff and it receives some 600 pieces of unique feedback through an online portal in addition to reviewing 493 long-range planning proposals. The group also visits peer campuses and reviews prior Stanford studies and presentations on the residences.
  • December 2018: The ResX Task Force submits its final report to the provost. 
  • Spring-Fall 2019: The university forms implementation teams with student, staff and faculty members to work through the many details that will help bring this vision to life. The teams begin their work, conducting focus groups and interviews with students. Through these implementation teams, we were able to: 
    • Equalize student leader pay
    • Increase student leader ratios to 1:15 for houses with frosh and 1:20 for houses with upperclass students
    • Increase the number of residence deans supporting students from 6 to 10
    • Create the community coordinator role in Residential Education to provide localized support to student leaders and resident fellows
    • Create the Undergraduate Residences Governance Council to oversee the changes going forward.
  • Winter 2019: First implementation teams finalize work, file reports and recommendations. Think tank sessions and individual follow-up meetings are held with student leaders and alumni to consider how to connect fraternities and sororities, co-ops and ethnic theme houses to the ResX vision.
  • Fall 2020: Student and alumni advisory groups are launched.
  • Summer 2021: Eight ResX student ambassadors are selected and begin developing community in each of the neighborhoods through social media.
  • Fall 2021: The first cohort of students are welcomed to their neighborhoods.
  • Winter 2021: Neighborhood councils are launched and begin the process of creating traditions for their neighborhoods.
  • Fall 2022: Neighborhood newsletters begin to highlight events and opportunities for involvement in each neighborhood.
  • Winter - Spring 2023: Neighborhood councils engaged neighborhood students in recommending options for tree names and other neighborhood identity elements that will represent their neighborhood for generations to come.