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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

 Campus Scenes, Fall / Autumn, Roble Hall Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Neighborhood Governance

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Oversight: Making This All Work

Ensuring every student has a rich and meaningful experience during their time in our dorms is our collective responsibility. This is why we’ve put in place systems of shared governance that involve students, faculty and staff to help ensure our residences are everything we need them to be.  

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Undergraduate Residence Governance Council

The Undergraduate Residence Governance Council oversees all parts of the undergraduate experience in the dorms. This group consists of the:

 Leo Andrade and Spencer Wallace
 Stanford Oval. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Stanford Group Accountability Process (SGAP)

Facilitated by the Office of Community Standards (OCS), SGAP addresses alleged violations of university policies by student groups, which includes all voluntary student organizations, student-led residential communities, sports teams (both club and varsity), fraternities, and sororities (“Groups”).

Olive Neighborhood Council, 2023.

Community Councils

Neighborhood community councils are governing boards of students, Resident Fellows and professional staff working together to make decisions for their local neighborhood.

 1/30/2007 Students studying behind Meyer Library. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Governance of University Theme Housing

University Theme Houses will be available to all students from every neighborhood through an application process.

8 color Neighborhood gradient.

This group represents a huge body of professional staff members who work every day to make the residential experience at Stanford meaningful.  The governance group has put a few other structures in place to help us all work together.

Sandstone bricks. Credit: Sean Mckibbon-Ray