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Illustrated Neighborhood Map of Stanford Campus. Credit: Shaw Nielsen, via Gerland & Cullen Rapp


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The essential conviction of Residential Education is that living and learning should be integrated, not separate; that formal teaching, informal learning, and personal support in residences is integral to a Stanford education. On this website, you'll find more information about neighborhoods and what this means for students along with an FAQ

Now, more than ever, is a time we need to bring community to our campus.

Residential Education programs extend the classroom into the residences and complement the academic curriculum with activities and experiences essential to students' preparation for a life of leadership, intellectual engagement, citizenship and service. The residential experience provides new ways of learning and a space to call home where you may feel supported. 

Students eating together during Farm Days. Credit: Unknown
Tile image featuring the word Stanford in a rainbow hued layout with the phrase "welcome to the neighborhood" underneath.

About the Neighborhoods

Explore the creation of the neighborhood concept, including core principles and how we got here. 

 Carissa Livan, Jasmin Lopez Tang Dalsgaard, Trevor DiGerolamo and Maisam Pyarali. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Neighborhood Houses

Explore the different neighborhoods that are a dynamic part of the residential experience. 

 Andreas Ratteray and his mom Bente Lundh check into Ujamaa Dorm with the help of Katie Dooling and Colleen McCallion. Andreas is the third generation in his family to attend Stanford. Credit:

Theme Housing

Find out more about the different types of theme housing available to students. 

Tile image featuring an aerial shot of Stanfords Campus (Jan 21, 2013).  Photo credit: Andrew Brodhead

Neighborhood Staff

Find our more about your local professional staff as well as how to connect with them.

 Campus Scenes, Fall / Autumn, Roble Hall Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Neighborhood Governance

Neighborhood community councils are governing boards of students, Resident Fellows and professional staff working together to make decisions for their local neighborhood. 

Admit Weekend. House hosts (Hohos) and other dorm volunteers give a rousing welcome to admits at Frost Amphitheater. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Get Involved

Contribute to Stanford's communities! Explore Pre-Assigning, Staffing, serving in DormGov, and more!