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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other


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The essential purpose of Residential Education is to support the integration of student living and learning through the formal teaching, informal learning, and personal support in the residences that is integral to a Stanford education. Now, more than ever, is a time we need to bring community to our campus. Your neighborhood was designed to be your home at Stanford, and now is the time to truly make it yours. Explore more information about the neighborhoods, connect with local staff, find out what events are happening and explore the types of houses found within each one. 

Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line
Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

Explore Stanford's neighborhoods below and learn about ways to get involved. 

Welcome to the Neighborhood 2022-23.

Neighborhood Concept

Explore the creation of the neighborhood concept, including core principles and how we got here. 

The Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods are places where thriving friendships, personal authenticity, and communal support are cultivated throughout your undergraduate career. 

Neighborhood Staff

Find our more about your local professional staff as well as how to connect with them.

Get Involved

Contribute to Stanford's communities! Explore Pre-Assignment, student leader selection, student internships, and more.

Neighborhood News

Find what's happening in your neighborhood directly from your neighborhood council including events, photos, important dates, and more! 

Upcoming Events

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2022-23 Illustrated Neighborhood Map. Credit: Shaw Nielsen