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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Narnia exterior. Credit: Residential and Dining Enterprises


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Narnia House is a social oasis. Only a seven minute walk from the Row, Narnia reaps all the social benefits while also offering some distance from the roar of the Row. Home of Bagelmania (a quarterly event where we enjoy dancing and eating bagels), Narnia encourages a vibrant social culture that is inclusive of the entire campus. However, Narnia also strives to create a tight-knit culture within the house. The pod (corners of the house) dynamic allows for friendships to develop and flourish.

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More About Narnia

Being a little closer to nature, the perks of Narnia’s location are great views of lake lag, and only a short walk to the dish. The beautiful inner courtyard, backyard and sand volleyball court create an amazing space to enjoy the sunshine and company of the surrounding lake houses. Weekends often consist of BBQs and friendly games in the yard. Most importantly, our house staff makes Narnia feel like home.

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Narnia is located in...


Enchanted Broccoli Forest, Jerry, Kappa Alpha, Narnia, Otero, Rinconada, Soto, Toussaint Louverture, Trancos, and apartments in Mirrielees and Duan.

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

For more information about Narnia and other self-op residences visit the Residential & Dining Enterprises website.