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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Mirrielees exterior. Credit: Jeff Rumans, via Residential & Dining Enterprises


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Mirrielees sits in proximity to Gerhard Casper Quad, Vaden, and other East Campus landmarks and offers a friendly environment a little removed from the hustle and bustle of main campus. The ideal Mirrielees resident will develop both self-sufficiency and interdependence. Residents are asked to be active participants in their continued development in and out of the classroom, and they often partner with student leaders to run programs that showcase their many talents and address the community’s unique needs. 

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Resident Fellows (2024-2025)

Alex Accetta ‘92, EdD, is the Executive Director of Recreation and Wellness where he leads the management of eight recreation facilities and all the programming to support physical wellness. He was instrumental in launching the Farm Games, Stanford’s newest undergraduate tradition combining Neighborhood engagement with fun, playful competition. With over 30 years of higher education experience, his career has focused on helping students flourish through igniting cultures of belonging and well-being through movement, play, adventure, and learning. As a Stanford undergrad he managed two self-ops, competed in track and cross-country, and wrote for multiple publications; as a co-term, he studied Stanford students to understand why, despite their successes, they struggled with loneliness. His doctorate built on this interest and resulted in creating strategies to deepen students’ global-self, honor their diversity, and humanize each other. As a Resident Fellow, he is committed to applying this research to help students thrive. 

Hanisi Accetta is an accomplished and award-winning leadership teacher, International Baccalaureate educator, and now the assistant principal at Jane Leland Stanford Middle School. Her background includes a rich array of teaching and administrative roles including time in California, Oregon, Colorado, New York, and Ghana, West Africa. She is particularly effective in drawing out students’ self-awareness, so they have the tools they need for their own agency. Hanisi has a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Portland State University and studied history as an undergraduate at UCSB and Western Oregon University. Hanisi grew up in Mill Valley and Encinitas, California.

As Resident Fellows they focus on three main practices: using fun to foster a sense of belonging, supporting physical health and holistic well-being, and reinforcing that the learning that happens outside the classroom is an indispensable supplement to classroom learning. Married over 27 years, Alex and Hanisi have two children - Kendall, a recent graduate of Colorado College, and Sebastian who is at Purdue University. You can find the two of them trying to have fun whenever they can – whether that is dressing up for wacky holiday celebrations, biking, running, skiing, traveling, going to any number of concerts (Vance Joy, Macklemore, and Ed Sheeran made the most recent list), or dabbling in painting, they are always up for an adventure.

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Aspen, Ginkgo, Hyperion, Magnolia, Olive, Redwood, Sequoia, and Wisteria.

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For more information about Mirrielees visit the Residential & Dining Enterprises website.