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Application Process

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Here you'll find information detailing the process of applying for pre-assignment. 

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Pre-Assignment Process

1. Confirm Your Eligibility

In order to apply for pre-assignment, a student:

  • Must be an enrolled undergraduate student or an undergraduate student on an approved leave of absence and be eligible for registration in the Autumn Quarter for which they are applying.  Students who will be studying abroad in Autumn Quarter are not eligible for pre-assignment.
  • Must be eligible to live in undergraduate housing and have at least 1 quarter of guaranteed undergraduate housing remaining. 
  • Must not confer their undergraduate degree before Autumn Quarter.
    • Students with co-terminal status may apply for pre-assignment if they will not confer their undergraduate degree before Autumn Quarter and they meet all of the other criteria for pre-assignment, including having at least 1 quarter of guaranteed undergraduate housing remaining.
  • Must be free of any holds on their student record that would preclude them from being pre-assigned to the house.
  • Must apply for Pre-Assignment and provide any required supplemental documentation by the stated application deadline 
  • Must be willing to forfeit participation in the House and Room Selection process.
  • Cannot accept a placement as a residential student leader for the upcoming academic year. Students who are not selected as residential student leaders are welcome and encouraged to apply to pre-assign, as residential student leader selection takes place before Pre-Assignment .
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2. Review the Policies

  • Students are only permitted to apply to one theme house per process year.
  • Students can simultaneously apply for pre-assignment and go through the OAE process to request housing accommodations due to a documented medical/disability need.  If accepted for pre-assignment, and your medical accommodation can be met in the house without undue hardship, you will be accommodated within the house.
  • By applying for Pre-Assignment, students acknowledge they will be placed in the house they applied for if selected. If a student is selected for a pre-assigned spot in a house, they are automatically assigned to that house, and they are not eligible to participate in the general housing assignments process.
  • Students who pre-assign to a house are not guaranteed any particular room type, for example single, one-room double, two-room double.
  • Each house designates the criteria they utilize for selecting their pre-assigned residents. You can learn more by reviewing the application website.
  • Living in a University Theme House typically requires a greater commitment than if applying through the general housing assignments process. These terms and expectations are available for students to read and agree to when they are applying for housing.
  • Students who are selected for pre-assignment are not eligible to live in a fraternity/sorority house for the following year, but they may join a fraternity/sorority if that fraternity/sorority allows newly recruited members to live outside their Greek house. Submitting your pre-assignment application is a binding commitment to live in that theme house for the following year if you are selected. So, if you wish to retain your eligibility to live in a fraternity/sorority house for the following year instead, you must withdraw your pre-assignment application by the submission deadline.

3. Application Process

To apply, complete and submit the online pre-assignment application for your chosen house.

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If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Pre-Assignment Team.