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Panoramic image featuring assorted hands, from different walks of life, hold miniature paper speech bubbles  - in JPG format. Welcome to Residential Education's online home regarding student support for Stanford University's undergraduate population. Here you'll be able to find your local residence deans, access resources and review specific policy. 

For Immediate Assistance from a Residence Dean

If you are in a crisis and need immediate assistance, a Dean On Call (DOC) is accessible 24/7 via phone call at 650-504-8022. The DOC is responsible for providing immediate support, resources, and referrals to undergraduate students, staff, and faculty during a crisis and in emergency situations.  The DOC is both supportive and administrative to assist with the following: providing on-site response in a time of crisis, connecting with medical care or student counseling, reporting a crime, receiving/addressing concerns about a student, and connecting students to resources to meet their needs.

For General Inquiries

Please email: