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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

About Our Professional Staff

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Our professional staff are the main drivers of ResEd initiatives and programs. We are focused on providing the space and support for all of our residents to have a meaningful experience on The Farm. As a department we value learning and exploration as we seek to provide our students with a myriad of learning opportunities, that can vary from learning to write a play or cultivating life skills in a variety of workshops and community building exercises all the way to interviewing a world leader.

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More About ResEd's Professional Staff

Because of the diversity of our experience, many of our staff members serve as resources, mentors, and guides to Stanford residents and student leaders as they chart their own path.  Our professional staff are dedicated to fostering an environment on campus where individual students are supported by their peers, faculty, and University Administrators and help them feel as part of a small close knit family within a large, often overwhelming, university. The quest for intellectual enrichment and personal growth is always welcomed and encouraged by our professional ResEd team. 

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We take tremendous pride finding ways to help our students thrive.


Here you can learn more about the professional staff that support our neighborhoods and the Residential Education department. Please note that profiles are linked to the Stanford Directory and you must be logged in with your Stanford credentials to view. 

Racheal and Orlando with a student at an end of year BBQ.