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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being


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Arroyo is a place where we aim to develop and maintain a residence where curiosity, support and celebration of individual differences are paramount aspirations along with personal and academic growth. We strive to have a community where respect, inclusion, and safety are expected baseline values.

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More About Arroyo

Arroyo has traditions that support these aspirations and values through a range of social and educational activities.  These occur throughout the year and are chosen and led by our residents and student staff. Among the traditions of Arroyo are “Cottage Cheese” where members of our community cook for one another, “Spotlights” where individual students share their life stories with the community as a whole, “Weekend Activities” where student staff plan social activities and events for the residents, and 3 annual “big trips” where the dorm travels to other part of California for several days to live and learn.  Examples include Sea Trip to Monterey, Snow Trip to the Sierras, and Rock Trip to Yosemite Valley. Many other small events through the year are also developed based on specific interests of the residents. Perhaps more important than these types of traditions are the day to day interactions—eating at our tables at Wilbur Dining, sharing our accomplishments, challenges, and worries with one another, playing ping pong, pool, soccer, volleyball, and rock climbing during our evening and weekend downtime. Arroyo wants to be a fun place to live and learn, but more importantly, a supportive place for each resident to find and make their way during their Stanford journey.

Resident Fellows

Photograph of Arroyo Resident Fellows.

James (Jim) Lock, MD, PhD. Is professor and associate chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine.  He has spent his entire career at Stanford as a clinical researcher in child psychiatric eating disorders treatment, particularly anorexia nervosa. He has an eclectic background having majored in religion and philosophy in college, completed a masters in comparative literature, and a PhD in philosophy along with this medical degree. He is also a poet and short story writer and a long standing member of the Pegasus Writers, a group of physician writers here at Stanford. When not reading, writing, or teaching, you will likely find him running somewhere on the campus.

Brian Kleis, MD is a Child, Adolescent, and Adult psychiatrist in private practice. He supervises Child Psychiatry Fellows and teaches in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences as a Consulting Associate Professor. He enjoys working with youth and their families in treating the full range of emotional and developmental issues. He has previously worked in the public sector, including juvenile hall, child guidance clinics, and county mental health. Brian enjoys long distance road biking, hiking, and generally anything outdoors. He also likes working with his hands and always has a building project going on, even sometimes finishing them!

Jim and Brian have raised two children during their time at Stanford. Elena recently graduated college and is working in the LA area and Sawyer is a sophomore at UVM in Burlington, VT. 

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Arroyo is located in...


Arroyo, Cedro, Junipero, Kappa Alpha Theta, Okada, Robert Moore South (BOB), Terra, ZAP, and apartments in Mirrielees and Duan.

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

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