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Membership of CoRL

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Membership on CoRL is appointed through three mechanisms.  Faculty members are appointed through the Committee on Committees (CoC) out of the Faculty Senate.  Student membership is appointed by the Nominations Committee (NomCom) out of the ASSU.  

2022-23 Committee on Residential Learning (CoRL)


  • Stephen Monismith (Chair), Obayashi Professor in the School of Engineering
  • Zephyr Frank, Gildred Professor of Latin American Studies
  • Marisa Galvez, Associate Professor of French and Italian and, by courtesy, of German Studies; Chair of Undergraduate Studies, French; Director, Structured Liberal Education
  • Joseph Garner, Professor, Department of Comparative Medicine; Courtesy Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Ellen Kuhl, Walter B Reinhold Professor in the School of Engineering; Robert Bosch Chair of Mechanical Engineering; Professor of Mechanical Engineering and, by courtesy, of Bioengineering
  • Phil Malone, Professor of Law and Director, Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic
  • Hari Manoharan, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Yoshiko Matsumoto, Yamato Ichihashi Professor in Japanese History and Civilization, Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures and, by courtesy, of Linguistics
  • Grant Parker, Associate Professor of Classics and, by courtesy, of Comparative Literature Classics
  • Krish Seetah, Associate Professor of Anthropology; Senior Fellow of the Woods Institute for the Environment
  • Elaine Treharne, Senior Associate Vice Provost, VPUE; Roberta Bowman Denning Professor and Professor, by courtesy, of German Studies and of Comparative Literature
  • Ravi Vakil, Professor of Mathematics


  • Cheryl Brown, Assistant Vice Provost for Residential Education
  • Jennifer Calvert, Chief of Staff and Assistant Vice Provost for Strategy, Student Affairs (non-voting member)
  • Amina Darwish, Associate Dean for Religious Life and Advisor for Muslim Life
  • Imogen Hinds, Executive Director, R&DE Student Housing Operations
  • Dayo Mitchell, Senior Associate Director of Stanford Introductory Studies
  • Shari Palmer, Senior Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (non-voting member)
  • Samuel Santos Jr., Associate Vice Provost for Inclusion, Community and Integrative Learning
  • Melissa Stevenson (fall), Arik Lifschitz (winter), Raymond Chen (spring), Lead Undergraduate Advising Directors (rotating membership per quarter)
  • Laura Schlosberg, Assistant Dean for Curricular and Academic Support


  • Ashley Chen, Class of 2023
  • Katie Dragone, Class of 2023
  • Grant Regen, Class of 2022
  • Rayan Rizvi, Class of 2023