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COVID-19 Guidance for Students

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about pre-assignment. If you have a question about an application or the residential requirements of a specific house, you should contact the house staff or Resident Fellow  directly.

If you do not see the answer to your question below, please contact us.


  • If I plan to go abroad or take a leave of absence during Autumn Quarter, is it still possible to pre-assign? No, only students who will be on campus in Autumn Quarter can be pre-assigned.
  • What about Winter or Spring quarters ? Please reach out to the individual house for further clarification.  If you don’t know how to contact them, send an email to and we’ll connect you with the house staff.
  • How does the Pre-Assignment process intersect with Fraternity & Sorority Recruitment? You are more than welcome to apply for Pre-Assignment and go through Recruitment. Students who are selected for a pre-assigned spot in a house are not eligible to live in a  fraternity or sorority house for that year, but they may join a fraternal or sororal organization. 
  • Can I pre-assign to a house that is not in my assigned neighborhood? Yes, Pre-assignment is available to students regardless of neighborhood affiliation.
  • Is it possible to pre-assign as a 5th year? You will need to confirm with Housing Assignments that you have at least one year of guaranteed undergraduate housing remaining.
  • Can I pre-assign into a house with one quarter of guaranteed housing remaining? You need at least one year of guaranteed undergraduate housing in order to qualify for pre-assignment.
  • Can I pre-assign and apply for a student staff job as well? The student staff selection process occurs before pre-assignment.  If you are selected as a student staff member, you don't have to (and cannot) pre-assign.  If you are not selected as a student staff member then you are welcome to apply to pre-assign.
  • Can I pre-assign and still be a participant in the OAE accommodations process? If so, what steps do I need to follow? Students who have special housing needs due to a disability or documented medical condition can apply for a housing accommodation through the Office of Accessible Education (OAE). Any student needing an accommodation who has not registered with the OAE previously should do so immediately. Registration and submission of the Housing Accommodation Request Form will be online through OAE Connect. If your pre-assignment application is accepted and your medical needs can be accommodated in your chosen residence, OAE will give you a medical accommodation for that residence.  If you cannot be accommodated in that particular residence, OAE will contact you about obtaining an assignment through the OAE assignment process.  Please make sure you are aware of all OAE deadlines and processes; you can find those here.
  • If I pre-assign into a house, but decide afterwards that I am no longer interested, can I withdraw from the house? All pre-assignment placements are binding, and once a student has been accepted to a pre-assignment placement, they become ineligible to participate in the regular housing assignments process. 

Application Process

  • What are the pre-assignment deadlines? Please check the pre-assignment web page for deadlines.
  • How do I find out more about pre-assignment requirements? You should visit the ResX website  for the full requirements for each house. 
  • How do I find out about the criteria for each theme house? Please visit the application website on June 7 or after, and view each houses’ application to view their criteria.
  • I noticed the Academic Theme/Ethnic Theme Pre-Assignment process is separate from the Co-op Pre-Assignment process on the application website. Can I apply to both? No, you can only participate in one process (Academic/Ethnic Theme OR Co-op). Students will be eliminated from eligibility if they apply through both processes.   Read below for more details about how each process works.
  • Can I apply to more than one Academic or Ethnic Theme house? How will that process work? Our University Theme Houses support very different themes, and the leaders of those communities are looking for students who have demonstrated interest in that particular theme. With that in mind, it is not possible to apply to multiple Academic or Ethnic Theme houses. Applicants apply to one house, the house leadership reviews their applicants, and then decides on which applicants to offer placement in the house using their unique criteria. These placements are binding, meaning that applying to an Academic or Ethnic Theme house is a commitment to live in that house if placed.
  • Can I apply to more than one co-op house? How will that process work? For the first time this year, we will be allowing applicants to apply to up to seven co-ops. This was in response to co-op students’ request to provide more opportunity for students to live in co-ops, reflecting that while each co-op is different, there is commonality in the overall co-op experience.  This new application will allow the second, third, etc. preferences of applicants to be considered. 
    • In order to ensure the preferences of applicants and co-op house leadership are equally considered, we will be asking co-op applicants and co-op house leadership to submit ranked lists, and we will then match applicants to houses using an algorithm. This is very similar to the process we use for Residential Student Staff Selection. You can learn more about how this process works behind the scenes by watching this video
    • These placements are binding, meaning that applying to a co-op is a commitment to live in that house if placed, regardless of how the house was ranked. With that said, applicants should only apply to co-ops in which they are willing to live.
  • Is it possible to pre-assign with a roommate or a group? The pre-assignment process requires each person to submit an application separately, and applicants are generally considered as individuals. Though not common, some houses may decide to consider groups for assignment.  You should contact the house(s) you are interested in directly to see if this is a possibility.  If you don’t know how to contact them, please send an email to and we’ll connect you with the house staff.
  • Can I edit my application after submission? If you've already submitted the application, you'll have to withdraw the application, make your edits, and submit again.  As long as you do this by the deadline, your application will be counted.
  • Can I withdraw my application? If you would like to withdraw from the Pre-Assignment process, you may do so before the application deadline by visiting the Submit Application page and clicking “Withdraw Application.” 
  • Are late applications accepted? To preserve equity among all applicants and in fairness to those who submitted by the published deadline, we cannot accept late applications.
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