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Alice Artica, left, Katherine Carr, TA; Nour Mary Aissaoui; and Margarita Pertierra work on problems on polarity and charge in Chem 31AC.

Committee on Residential Learning (CoRL)

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Theme houses and the Committee on Residential Learning 

Over the years, house themes have ranged from fairly informal events and activities to specific emphases in programming. We’ve redeveloped this crucial part of residential life to better align with the neighborhood and campus-wide sense of community.

Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line


The Committee on Residential Learning (CoRL)

Established in 2017 and serves to ensure the highest standards of liberal education in the undergraduate residential experience, as defined by ResX and mandated by Stanford’s Faculty Senate (Established by Senate order, SenD#7232). CoRL is a large and diverse committee providing broad support for residence-based programs that serve undergraduates. It does this by clearly defining University Theme Houses-Academic and University Theme Houses-Special Interest; creating robust processes for the application, development and review of these houses; and encouraging intellectual vitality and institutional accountability in themed living programs. CoRL develops, promotes and oversees consistent standards for these houses across residential neighborhoods, and makes recommendations about the most compelling themes to the Undergraduate Residence Governance Council. It also contributes significantly to the ResX goal of increasing faculty engagement and investment in Stanford’s undergraduate residential experience to enhance students’ learning experiences and build bridges between residential life and academic life.

 Katya Sander. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Apply to be a University Theme House - Academic (UTH-A)

Every UTH should align with the four ResX Core Principles; namely, i) Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; ii) Health & Well-being; iii) Community & Belonging; and iv) Intellectual & Personal Growth.

Aerial view of Stanford. Credit: Credit Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Academic Theme Dorms

UTH-As provide a meaningful and coherent intellectual collaboration within a residential setting between multiple participants: staff, faculty, institutional affiliates, and undergraduates. 

4/30/2013 Gardening at Columbae, a vegetarian cooperative house. Freshman Leopold Wambersie helps Junior Kyle Moore sift dirt to create new planting beds in the Columbae Garden. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Special Interest - Coop (UTH-SI: Coop)

Cooperative living has thrived at Stanford for more than forty years, offering a diverse range of living environments as each co-op community holds distinct values. Find the criteria for all University Theme House: Special Interest - Coops and more. 

Students talking together outside of the Greek Life Conference.

Special Interest: Fraternities and Sororities

Stanford is home to several nationally known social Greek letter organizations, and most of these vibrant and diverse communities are as old as the university itself. Find the criteria for all University Theme House: Special Interest - Fraternity and Sorority Life and more.