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Guiding Information for Students Placed in Temporary Quarantine or Isolation Housing

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Wildflowers and other signs of spring near Herrin Hall on Lomita Mall. Credit Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed are required to be in quarantine/isolation (Q/I) for ten days.  During Q/I, students will be temporarily placed in a designated Q/I location on-campus in which they will check in through the Mirrielees Housing Front Desk. While there, students will receive meal delivery through R&DE Dining at no cost, for more on this, please see meal delivery below.  Students will continue to receive support from their Residence Dean while in Q/I and are to adhere to the following:

  1. Go directly to the space upon arrival to campus, if coming from off campus.  If you already live on campus, go directly to the space unless you are approved to quarantine or isolate in your current housing assignment.  Vaden may provide further medical guidance on returning to your space to retrieve additional belongings on a case by case basis.
    • Do not leave the Q/I space. Do not go to public events, meetings, social activities, or other group activities.  If you have questions about leaving your space, contact your RD.
    • Do not go to work. Work with your supervisor and HR to explore options. 
  2. You may only leave your Q/I space to seek medical attention as permitted to do so by Vaden.
    • When leaving your room, you MUST wear a face mask fully covering your nose, mouth, and chin.
    • You MUST return to your room immediately after.
  3. You MAY NOT  have visitors, including other students in Quarantine or Isolation.  
    • We do encourage you to stay virtually connected with loved ones and friends.
    • We do encourage you to connect with the Office of Religious Life (ORL) to receive spiritual support if needed, and CAPS for emotional/mental support.
  4. Please notify Vaden and your RD if you are experiencing new or worsening symptoms
  5. You MUST complete the daily Stanford health check.

The space will be prepared with linens for both the bed and bathroom. You should plan to bring enough of the following items to last up to 10 days:

  1. personal toiletries, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc (toilet paper will be provided)
  2. clothing and other laundered items (there will be no access to laundry facilities)
  3. academic materials
  4. a thermometer, if possible (ask your RD if you need one)

Quarantine/Isolation Housing Front Desk Information

Mirrielees Front Desk: 650.78.5961 730 Escondido Rd, Stanford, CA 94305

Approach Mirrielees from the west (the side facing Campus Drive (see map), following the “Mirrielees Check In” signs.  There is a small window to the left of the main door.  Approach this window, show your ID through the glass, and receive your keys via the pass-through in a contactless process.  You may request a small toiletry kit upon check-in if needed.

If you have any facility-related needs or work orders, you may contact the housing front desk. If you have an OAE accommodation, please notify your RD. When you are cleared by a doctor (or RD confirms a doctor has cleared you) you may move out of your quarantine/isolation space.  Upon moving out, please take all your trash to the nearest dumpster and return your key to the Mirrielees front desk window.  You should return the key immediately.  If the key is not received within 24 hours of vacating the space you may be charged a fee for rekeying the room.

Meal Delivery

Meal Delivery will be procured for you, which you can tailor for dietary restrictions, allergies, and scheduling preferences using the link sent via email by R&DE.  These meals are of no extra cost to you.  If you have questions or concerns about accessing or adjusting meals, contact your RD and Though not recommended, you may also order delivery food, but it must be a contactless drop and you must wear a mask and gloves when opening the door to your room to retrieve it.  

Medical Care

It is important to continually seek medical care and advice from Vaden including sharing results and symptoms. If your symptoms change or you begin to feel ill there are various after hour services available when Vaden is closed for you to connect with, and your RD is also available to support you in problem-solving care. If you are a student athlete, please stay in contact with your athletic trainer and medical staff who will provide you with further instructions on symptom checking and additional testing needs.  


Testing will vary on whether you are symptomatic or asymptomatic.  Please consult with Vaden on your testing needs during quarantine or isolation. For symptomatic students showing symptoms as specified on Vaden’s website, please make a phone appointment with a Vaden clinician.  Various after hour services are available when Vaden is closed.  For asymptomatic students, an appointment is required. Testing is currently at Tresidder Union (the McCaw Hall testing site will close as of March 19th). Locations are subject to change, for the most up to date location site, please refer to Vaden’s website.  For testing, you will need your Stanford photo ID.  Always be sure to take a face covering with you and maintain physical distancing at all times.  If you complete testing per Vaden, please alert your RD and Vaden to determine next steps.

  • For additional FAQ’s on testing please visit here.  
  • This link will help you understand what you need to be aware of if you suspect you have COVID-19. Please notify Vaden directly if you develop symptoms. 

Daily Needs

Throughout this process, it is our hope that you will continue to engage in academics and practice a daily routine that includes tending to your health, well-being, dietary needs, and non-in person social communication. If you have questions or concerns about fulfilling any daily needs not addressed in this note, please contact your RD.

Additional Information

  • RD On Call | 650.504.8022
  • Vaden650.498.2336
  • EH&S 650.723.0448 
  • CAPS 650.723.3785
  • ORSL 650.723.1762