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Important Information Regarding COVID-19

In addition to meeting in person, virtual meetings with your Residence Dean are available and preferred at this time. Please communicate your preference for Audio, FaceTime or Zoom. In order to access the link for virtual drop-in hours, please use your Stanford credentials. Our contact information is below. 



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Residence Deans, or RDs as they are often called, are professional staff that are here to help students navigate their undergraduate experience at Stanford. An RD's main purpose is to assist and support students through difficult and/or challenging times. RDs know the options and resources available across campus to address whatever issue is interfering with your success at Stanford.

For Undergraduate Crisis Support

If you are in a crisis and need immediate assistance, a Dean On Call (DOC) is accessible 24/7 via phone call at 650.504.8022. The DOC is responsible for providing immediate support, resources, and referrals to undergraduate students, staff, and faculty during a crisis and in emergency situations.  The DOC is both supportive and administrative to assist with the following: providing on-site response in a time of crisis, connecting with medical care or student counseling, reporting a crime, receiving/addressing concerns about a student, and connecting students to resources to meet their needs.

For Immediate Student, Staff, and/or Faculty Non-Urgent Guidance and Support

Due to the current implementations that have taken place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff cannot be available for in person meetings or walk ins.  We are however committed to continue being in contact with our students, staff, and faculty by providing various options to connect. If you are a student, please know that your Residence Dean will continue to be available to support you.  You can contact the assigned Residence Dean for your area or if you live off campus you can connect with the Residence Dean assigned to your previous place of residence.  We also invite faculty

and staff to engage and consult with us as needed in support of our entire Stanford community.

Red Folder 2020-21

To access this updated resource that provides guidance for faculty & staff supporting student well-being in a virtual campus enviornment, please click here

For General Inquiries

Please email:

Student Support Team

  Contact Information   Contact Information

Photograph of Residence Dean, Lisa De La Cruz Caldera in JPG format.

Lisa Caldera

Senior Associate Dean

Photograph of Angelica Herrera.

Angelica Herrera

Program Coordinator

Residence Dean Team


Photograph of Residence Dean, Rachel Aumann, in JPG format.

Rachel Aumann

Residence Dean

  • Gerhard Casper Quad
    • Kimball
  • Lagunita Court
    • Adelfa/Norcliffe
    • Meier
    • Naranja
    • Ujamaa
    • West Lag
  • The Row
  • EVGR-A (Floors 3-4)

Photograph of Residence Dean, Klarese Donnelly, in JPG format.

Klarese Donnelly

Residence Dean

  • GovCo:
    • EAST
    • FroSoCo
    • Murray
    • Potter
    • Robinson
    • Yost
  • EVGR-A (Floors 7-8)

Photograph of Residence Dean, John Giammalva, in JPG format.

John Giammalva

Residence Dean

  • FloMo
    • Alondra
    • Cardenal 
    • Faisan
    • Gavilan
    • Loro
    • Mirlo
    • Paloma
  • Gerhard Casper Quad
    • Lantana
  • Roble
  • EVGR-A (Floors 5-6)

Photograph of Residence Dean, Darrell Green, in JPG format.

Darrell Green

Associate Dean Fellow

  • Dean of Students Support

Photograph of Residence Dean, EJ Madarasz, in JPG format.

EJ Madarasz

Residence Dean

  • Wilbur
    • Arroyo
    • Cedro
    • Soto
    • Trancos
  • EVGR-A (Floors 9-10)

Photograph of Residence Dean, Michelle Voigt, in JPG format.

Michelle Voigt

Residence Dean

  • Branner
  • Crothers
  • Gerhard Casper Quad
    • Castaño
  • Toyon
  • Muwekma
  • EVGR-A (Floors 1-2)

Photograph of Residence Dean, Laura Wheeler, in JPG format.

Laura Wheeler

Residence Dean

  • Gerhard Casper Quad
    • Ng
  • Stern Hall
    • Burbank
    • Casa Zapata
    • Donner
    • Larkin
    • Sally Ride
    • Twain
  • EVGR-A (Floors 5-6)

Photograph of Residence Dean, Sunny Zhang, in JPG format.

Sunny Zhang

Residence Dean


  • Mirrielees
  • Wilbur
    • Junipero
    • Okada
    • Otero
    • Rinconada
  • EVGR-A (Floors 1-2)