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A diverse system of housing provides students with a variety of educational settings including academic theme and focus houses, ethnic theme houses, self-managed and cooperative residences, apartments and suites in addition to traditional residences. Residences with first-year students, academically-linked houses and some upper-class houses have 35 faculty/senior staff serving as Resident Fellows. Students in peer leadership roles and administrative support staff advance the goals of Residential Education in all houses. 

ResEd provides Stanford undergraduates a small community experience within a large research university. Most students on campus live in traditional residence halls. These vary by room type, availability to particular classes, and other factors. For more information about each house, click on Find a House or visit the R&DE Housing Options website. In addition to traditional residences, students may also reside in co-ops, self-ops, fraternity and sorority houses, or houses with pre-assignment programs.

  • Theme Houses & Pre-Assignment Programs - Activities in pre-assignment houses – whether academic, cultural or social – are related to that house's theme or focus area. Some are related to a cultural interest or affinity. Others are related to academic and career interests. All these programs share a common goal to extend the classroom into the residences in order to complement the academic curriculum with students' ongoing learning and development. See our Pre-Assignment page to learn more.
  • Co-ops and Self-ops - Residents of co-ops and self-ops share the responsibilities of daily living within their communities.You become part of a job system when you live in a co-op: you cook dinners and clean up after yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow co-opers. These responsibilities offer a great chance to bond with your community, take pride in your contributions, and learn important life skills. 
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) - Stanford University is home to several nationally known social Greek letter organizations. This vibrant and diverse community is as old as the university itself. While the university is host to both housed and unhoused organizations, all play a vital role in student life on campus and within the surrounding community. See our FSL page to learn more.