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Reserve a Row House

Photograph of Pluto house exterior with house staff in a Polaroid style frame, in JPG format.

The row is a collection of 35 independent houses which may be reserved by organizations in accordance with applicable university policies.

Reserve a Row House Link

Please note for Autumn quarter 2018 the following houses have decided to not host outside organizations in their spaces:

  • Delta Delta Delta
  • Kappa Alpha Theta
  • La Casa Italiana
  • La Miason Francais
  • Sigma Nu
  • Pluto
  • Pi Beta Phi
  • Phi Kappa Psi
  • Theta Delta Chi 

Requests for these houses will not be considered. If you have questions please contact This list will be updated at the beginning of every quarter.

Reservation Requirements  

  • Row houses may only be reserved or rented by on-campus organizations (e.g. recognized volunteer student organizations, fraternities, sororities, or campus departments).  Non-Stanford organizations may not reserve houses.
  • All reservations require the approval of the house management staff and/or Row professional staff.
  • All contracts for Row houses require final approval from a professional staff member in the Row Office of Residential Education.
  • The reserving organization is responsible for registering the party or event on CardinalSync in accordance with party planning or event management guidelines.  House staff will not register parties or events on behalf of reserving organizations.
  • The reserving organization is responsible for upholding all University event and party planning guidelines, including those related to alcohol service, points of service, and sober monitors (one for every 25 attendees). Please click here for further details. 
  • Your CardinalSync registration  will not be “approved,” and you may not hold your event, until a professional staff member for the row has approved the reservation.
  • All reservations should be submitted 5 business days before events need to be registered per party planning guidelines ( hyperlink to OAPE party planning guidelines. In the event that the event is not a party, 5 business days is still the requested lead time. 
  • If you are interested in reserving a row house and do not have a email address please contact to with a brief description of your request to see if you meet the affiliation requirement

Damages & Liability

All residences are the property of Stanford University and standards of upkeep for the physical plant are determined by Student Housing.  The renting organization is responsible for all cleaning and/or damage charges associated with the event, and should have sufficient funds available in their ASSU account to cover any such charges.  

Specific cleaning/damage charges are determined at the discretion of Student Housing. The cost to replace or repair any damages will be assessed at a campus-wide rate by Student Housing. In extreme cases, arbitration of charges may be conducted by an Associate Dean for Residential Education (or their designee) in consultation with Student Housing.

Damages that occur should be reported to the row house Program Manager by the house management staff by the following business day - Monday if the event occurs on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Damages will be fully or partially charged at the discretion of Residential Education in conjunction with Student Housing. Damages will be charged in full or in part to the renting organization under the following conditions:

  • Physical damages are incurred by the setup of the event or by the event itself
  • Insufficient post-event clean up
  • The event lasts longer than the time set forth in this contract
  • Any violation of the clauses included in this contract or the Residence Use Guidelines attached to this contract.

The reserving organization assumes full liability for injuries and/or damages resulting from the event(s) either directly or indirectly. 


The reserving organization assumes all responsibility for set-up and clean up, immediately after the event. ALL clean up must be completed by 8am the following morning, including vacuuming, mopping, trash disposal, etc. Areas that should be returned to a clean condition include, but are not limited to, the lounge, pool room, first floor restrooms and the front lawn. All furniture will be placed in its original position at the end of the event(s). If the cleaning standards set in accordance with the expectations of the Housing Building Manager are not met, Student Housing in conjunction with Residential Education is entitled to charge the renting organization for any damage or cleaning costs at its discretion.

Kitchen Usage

The County of Santa Clara deems all Row house kitchens as a commercial space.  As such the usage of these spaces requires a professional staff member certified in food handling at all times (e.g. a chef or kitchen manager.) Groups desiring to prepare food in one of these locations in conjunction with the event will need to contact a professional staff member in the Row Office of Residential Education in order to secure a professional chef or to detail their plans.  Cost for the chef is determined at an hourly rate.

Failure to meet the above criteria or to violate county health codes may result in administrative action associated with an organizational conduct review or in being disallowed from using residential spaces in the future.


Although Row Houses serve primarily as the community space for the students who live there, they are also University-owned resources that may be shared with the broader Stanford community, in line with the values of the house and applicable University policy. As such, houses may not demand excessive compensation for a reservation.

In exchange for the use of the house, an organization may either pay $50 or provide hashing services for the house. The $50 check should be made payable to Stanford University with the name of the house in the memo line. The check should be delivered to Sergio Hernandez, Area Administrator for the Row at 572 Mayfield Ave., second floor. If organizations would like to provide hashing services in exchange for reserving a row house, a house may require no more than four people for one hour each or two people for two hours each. 

If you would like to use the journal transfer option to transfer funds from your ASSU account please select that option in the form and include the name of your financial officer and your ASSU account number.

If you select the method to pay by ASSU journal transfer please note this will not occur until the end of each quarter. 

Email us or contact a row office professional directly at (650) 723-0778 with any questions or concerns.

No contract in violation of this policy will be approved, and organizations or house staffs found in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

Decorations and Occupancy 

Decorations and/or structures may require the approval of the Stanford University Fire Marshall. It is the responsibility of the hosting organization to comply with all applicable regulations and acquiring all necessary permits. Please note that decorations may require flame-retardant coating.  

Occupancy should be limited to the maximum capacity stated for any indoor or outdoor property. It is the responsibility of the hosting organization to meet occupancy guidelines throughout the duration of the event. 

It is the responsibility of the hosting organization to meet occupancy guidelines throughout the entirety of the event. 

Additional Information

The system of campus residence reservations is predicated on a campus culture of openness and mutual respect.  All houses are residential spaces that, first and foremost, serve as a community for students who reside there.  Organizations failing to conduct their event with the greatest consideration for residents of the house will be disallowed from using residential spaces in the future and may face administrative action associated with an organizational conduct review.