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Row: ZAP

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Neighborhood S

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Wilbur East, Zap, Terra, Kappa Alpha Theta, Robert Moore South (Bob), and apartments in Mirrielees and EVGR-A


ZAP is a row house located in the Cowell Cluster (along with Terra and the sororities). The social culture at ZAP is typically relaxed and wholesome! The house is known to allow student groups and residents to host parties and other social gatherings, and therefore has a very welcoming atmosphere to all students.

The structure of the ZAP building is also interesting to note as it is set up in an outdoor style, where the rooms are detached from the kitchen/lounge, in a square shape. As a result, residents often live in clusters and one of the biggest challenges for this house is getting residents to be social with one another (outside their draw groups) in the very beginning of the year. A way to go about addressing this issue is to allocate rooms as boy-girl in order to split up draw groups.

Exterior photo of ZAP.