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Row: Durand

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Crothers, Toyon, 620 Mayfield, 650 Mayfield, Durand, Hammarskjold, Kappa Sigma, Pluto, Robert Moore North, Roth, and apartments in Mirrielees and EVGR-A


Durand is a 35-person house on the Upper Row. Our rooms, mostly one room doubles except for staff singles and several cozy yet epic triples, are small, but the beautiful first floor provides ample space for socializing and studying. Our bright, sunny dining room and beautiful window seat alcove are ideal places for early morning paper writing or late night study breaks and low-key gatherings. The TV lounge boasts the most important Durand resident, our giant, custom-built, blue couch, endearingly known as "Couchie." This couch can comfortably fit 8 people, but has been known to sometimes seat all 35 residents at once. The brand new big screen television doesn't hurt, either. Our veteran chef, Gilly, is among the longest tenured chefs on the Row, and her quirky humor complements her tasty food (‘Burrito Night’ and her custom-made chocolate chip cookie bars and rice krispie treats are famous favorites).

Though not known for wild weekend parties, Durand has a small, intimate size that allows residents to get to know all of their neighbors and form a welcoming community. Durand's position on the Upper Row has led to strong connections with other houses, most notably Slav and Pluto. Throughout the year, the houses host shared social events, such as backyard barbecues and Friday afternoon volleyball, bringing residents from all three houses together.

Durand’s location, slightly removed from the main campus, creates a sense of ‘coming home’ from classes at the end of the day. Mayfield Playfield, a grassy field across the street from Durand, is a great place to play sports or work in the sun. The surrounding neighborhood of Upper Row faculty houses and Frenchman’s Park – a five-minute walk from Durand – allows for afternoon wandering or nighttime star-gazing to escape the bustle of the core Stanford campus, while surrounding Row houses still foster a sense of student community.

Exterior photograph of Durand.