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Row: Kairos

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Gerhard Casper Quad, Branner, Grove, Kairos, Phi Kappa Psi, Pi Beta Phi and apartments in MIrrielees and EVGR-A


With 36 residents, including five student staff, Kairos’s small size makes for an intimate and connective co-op experience. Located on the mid-upper row, residents can easily enjoy social life on the row while finding a retreat back at the house. Kairos was established in 1988 and is one of the youngest co-ops on campus, with residents having ample opportunity to shape the community and its values. Historically, the house has been a welcoming space for art enthusiasts of all varieties. Kairos builds intentional community, wherein members both put in the work to help each other thrive and enjoy the authentic connections to each other that result.

In the front, residents are greeted by a beautiful patio surrounded by citrus trees and pink blossoms in the spring; out back, a second patio provides the perfect setting for warm, communal meals and conversation. Inside, Kairos has ample common spaces and lounges. Among them is the “pool room”, where Kairos has hosted Wine & Cheese, live music, poetry readings, writing workshops, and film screenings.  The house is filled with large windows and great light throughout the day. 

So whether it’s cooking in our large kitchen, having warm communal dinners, studying in the lounge, projecting a movie on the big screen, hosting parties in the pool room, or happy hour on the back patio, you can count on Kairos to be your home at Stanford.  

Residents collectively come up with and facilitate (with support from staff) one in-house community event for the year. Residents are equal members of the usual job system. This includes cooking, cleaning, and general house-keeping averaging no no more than 2-5 hours of work on any given week. 

Land Acknowledgement

Kairos sits on the unceded lands of the Muwekma Ohlone who’ve lived here for thousands of years. As a contemporary people, the Muwekma Ohone continue to have a relationship with this land. As a house occupying their land, Kairos is devoted to centering Indigenous voices as well as other voices of color in our community.

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