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Gerhard Casper Quad: Kimball

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Gerhard Casper Quad, Branner, Grove, Kairos, Phi Kappa Psi, Pi Beta Phi, and apartments in MIrrielees and EVGR-A


Kimball Hall thrives as a hub of creative activity on campus. Located in the Gerhard Casper Quad, Kimball has a music practice room, art studio, and a large lounge with excellent acoustics, lighting system, two grand pianos and a fireplace. 

Resident Fellows

Photograph of Kimball Hall Resident Fellows

Marlene Williams Ford is a trademark and IP partner with Nixon Peabody LLP in San Francisco.  She has an international practice with clients in high tech, textiles, wine and spirits and hospitality.  She was born in Germany and lived there for two years after college and now speaks fluent German—an advantage in her practice and in getting the freshest asparagus in Hamburg during spargelzeit.  She danced during college in Berkeley and developed an enduring love of modern dance, which she has passed on to her daughter Ella, who now dances with ODC in San Francisco and has performed with the company during their holiday show, the Velveteen Rabbit.  She’s always been very interested in social justice, women’s issues and gender equity.  She loves the Lord of Rings trilogy—both the books and the Peter Jackson films—the work of Ursula Le Guin and Game of Thrones.

Marlene and Rich have two kids: Cole going into 9thgrade and Ella going into 5th grade in 2018.  Cole and Ella both love all things Harry Potter, Modern Family, The Flash, Phineas and Ferb, Star Wars, Miles Davis and Peanuts.  Cole enjoys science, math, poetry and creative writing, music—saxophone and piano—and sports—basketball, tennis and cross country.  Ella loves drawing, dance and music—piano and voice; she studies both modern dance and ballet, and performs with ODC in San Francisco.  Her favorite musicians are Ella Fitzgerald and Tony Bennett.

Rich, Marlene, Cole and Ella are thrilled to join the community at Kimball Hall!

Richard Thompson Ford is the George E. Osborne Professor of Law at Stanford where he teaches Employment Discrimination, Local Government, Critical Theory and Jurisprudence, Critical Race Theory, Introduction to Anti-Discrimination Law, an Intro Sem on Law and Inequality and supervises a Policy Lab on Managing Gentrification with the Office of Economic and Workforce Development of the City and County of San Francisco.  He’s written two books selected as Notable Books of the Year by the New York Times: The Race Card and Rights Gone Wrong and is currently working on a book about Dress Codes.  He writes regularly about legal affairs, race relations and the relationship between law and fashion—he has written for the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Christian Science Monitor, The New Republic, and Slate where he was a regular contributor for several years.  He is currently a regular columnist for The American Interest and member of the editorial Board of Stanford University Press.  He enjoys early 20thcentury European and American painting and sculpture, modern architecture and decorative arts, mid-century film, especially film noir and even more especially French New Wave/film noir, such as the work of Jean-Pierre Melville and Jean Luc Godard, James Bond, 80’s Mod-ska, mystery and spy novels, anything written by Italo Calvino or George Orwell, modal jazz and modern dance.  

Exterior photograph of Kimball Hall.