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GovCo: Suites

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Governor’s Corner, Kappa Kappa Gamma, 550 Lasuen, Synergy, and apartments in Mirrielees and EVGR-A


The Suites are composed of four apartment-style houses and are located in the west section of campus, near the golf course and the area known as Lake Lagunita. Consisting of 4 individual houses:

  • Anderson
  • Griffin
  • Jenkins 
  • Marx

This area of campus houses upper-classmen in 4-room and 6-room configurations. Suites is the only campus residence that is set-up in this style with each unit consisting of a shared common area, shared bathrooms and individual rooms that are lockable. Communal kitchenettes and laundry rooms are found on the 1st floor of each building. 

Suites in Governor’s Corner opened for students in the winter of 1982 after extensive planning for various buildings began in 1978. This was an answer to a housing need for 800 new students. A committee made up of students, staff, and faculty wrote the program for this complex, describing what would go into the new spaces. In phases from 1982-1983, Stanford opened several structures—Independent Houses, Suites and Dining societies, the Elliott Program Center, and Sterling Quadrangle.The four residences are named after former Stanford academic leaders and faculty members: Melville Best Anderson, first head of English department; James Owen Griffin, invited by President Jordan to form the first faculty; Oliver Peebles Jenkins, first professor of Physiology, Zoology, and decided location for Hopkins Seaside lab; and Charles David Marx, first faculty in Civil Engineering, and also a Stanford University Vice President. 

Exterior photograph of Suites.