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Banner image featuring students on a house trip to Yosemite, funded through house funds.


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Image of residents along with their community coordinator taking part in an escape room on behalf of a resident's birthday, all paid for by dorm gov funds.

Residents of each house on campus can customize their Stanford experience by engaging in what we call Dorm Government‚ or DormGov for short.

All houses with Resident Fellows have a DormGov, while houses on The Row have the Student Manager Program, which takes the place of DormGov. Typically, DormGov manages the DormFunds, in conjunction with House Staff.

  • DormGov meets once a week with the guidance of an RA, a Specialist Staff member, or both.

Students on DormGov inform key decisions around the culture of the house; what kinds of events take place in the house; how the house uses its DormFunds; and how the house connects/interacts with the rest of campus. Of course, the exact role that DormGov plays, including its level of activity & engagement, varies by house and by year.