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House Description

710 Bowdoin St, Stanford, CA 94305
The Row
The Row
Independent Living (The Row): 

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ZAP is a row house located in the Cowell Cluster (along with Terra and the sororities).

The social culture at ZAP is typically relaxed and wholesome! The house is known to allow student groups and residents to host parties and other social gatherings, and therefore has a very welcoming atmosphere to all students.

The structure of the ZAP building is also interesting to note as it is set up in an outdoor style, where the rooms are detached from the kitchen/lounge, in a square shape. As a result, residents often live in clusters and one of the biggest challenges for this house is getting residents to be social with one another (outside their draw groups) in the very beginning of the year. A way to go about addressing this issue is to allocate rooms as boy-girl in order to split up draw groups.

  • In terms of resident conflict over room allocation during the in-house draw, there is rarely any conflict as all the rooms in ZAP are identical two-room doubles, the only difference being the location of the room within the house.

ZAP is also known for having one of the BEST chefs on campus—a huge plus (and it also makes Special Dinner all the more enjoyable!)

Community Information

Residence Type: 

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Information Regarding Mail and Package Delivery

Students living in Row Houses (Upper Row, Lower Row, Clusters 1, 2, or 3/Cowell) are strongly encouraged to follow the directions for the mail and package process provided on the Mail Delivery and Shipping page, as the PO Box address is each student’s official Stanford address and should be maintained during their entire undergraduate career.­ However, Row residents are also able to have mail packages delivered directly to their Row house by addressing mail and packages to the house's street address.­ Please be reminded that Student Housing/the University accepts no responsibility for packages sent to/delivered at individual residences.

Additional Community Information

What is the coolest thing about your house & community?

Since ZAP does not have a specific theme, each year the house has the opportunity to take on a new identity fully dependent on the staff and its residents. This gives the community an opportunity to define itself in its own fun and unique way, catering to the interests and needs of the house as a whole. ZAP is larger than most houses, but this only allows our residents to meet more friends and discover new passions - people are always socializing over a game of ping pong, at our amazing entertainment center, or around the grill outside. Our unique building design offers lots of wonderful space for playing and working, and our courtyards and beloved hammock take full advantage of Stanford’s great weather. In addition, our awesome chef Sal makes living at ZAP a very enjoyable culinary experience! 

What makes a successful ZAP staff member?

ZAP residents are very active in the community, participating in ZAP events and taking time to get to know each other. At ZAP we do our best to ensure that residents are happy and feel welcomed by maintaining an open dialogue regarding events, food, retreats, and more. Furthermore, we encourage residents to share their passions and experiences with the house so that we can learn from the diversity and character that our large house provides. As a ZAP house member, you’ll have the chance to spearhead your own initiatives and rally up the house, with full support from the staff, especially since this is one of the best ways to build community and ensure everyone feels welcome. 

Our house is meaningful to the Stanford community because…

The diversity of people who live in ZAP creates a vibrant community and close, sometimes unexpected, friendships. Our community typically includes sophomores, juniors, and seniors who want a fun yet chill house experience. ZAP is also known for hosting multiple events and parties during the year for various student groups, sororities, and fraternities on campus, extending ZAPs welcoming atmosphere to both residents and the campus at large. 

House Staff

Community Resident Assistant (RA)
: 3
Row Financial Resident Assistant (RA)
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Row Kitchen Resident Assistant (RA)
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