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House Description

713 Santa Ynez St, Stanford, CA 94305
The Row
The Row
Independent Living (The Row): 

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Roth is known as the all female non-Greek House.... But don't be fooled by our matching pink, floral tableware!

The house often draws athletes, unhoused sorority members, and other upperclassmen who desire the subdued, yet social culture of the upper row who want to reap the benefits of living in a house. The girls who live here tend to be pretty independent. Roth does not host all-campus events, so it typically remains clean and untrashed on the weekends. 

Roth sits atop the hill on Santa Ynez between La Maison Française and President Hennessy's house. Roth consists of doubles, triples, and quads. There are 4 singles, typically reserved for staff.


Community Information

Residence Type: 

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Information regarding mail and package delivery

 Students living in Row Houses (Upper Row, Lower Row, Clusters 1, 2, or 3/Cowell) are strongly encouraged to follow the directions for the mail and package process provided on the Mail Delivery and Shipping page, as the PO Box address is each student’s official Stanford address and should be maintained during their entire undergraduate career.­ However, Row residents are also able to have mail packages delivered directly to their Row house by addressing mail and packages to the house's street address.­ Please be reminded that Student Housing/the University accepts no responsibility for packages sent to/delivered at individual residences.

Additional Community Information

What is the coolest thing about your house & community?

Roth is the only (non-sorority) all-girls residence at Stanford. As such, it draws women of myriad interests and communities, who come together to form an exceptionally supportive environment.

One of our most beloved traditions is Bottomless Mimosas on Friday afternoons. Residents invite their friends as we listen to music, wind down, and welcome the weekend!

What makes a successful Roth staff member?

A successful Roth staff member is someone who wants to be involved in our community and puts in the effort to make new friends over dinner, while working in the lounge, or during house social events! Our staff hosts a wide variety of events so that there’s something for everybody, and we also invite our residents to use Roth spaces for their own purposes, whether they’re working on a group project or hosting an event for one of their student groups.

Our house is meaningful to the Stanford community because…

Roth is a beautiful Upper Row residence tucked away on a peaceful side street close to the hub of Stanford nightlife! Living with all girls certainly makes for much cleaner communal spaces, creating a comfortable refuge to return to at the end of the day.

Several of our staff members are returners to Roth after experiencing the warm, welcoming community in our 38-person house. If you’re interested in staffing in Roth, we encourage you to contact a member of staff and stop by for a meal. We’re happy to share our community with anyone who’s interested, you may just find your home away from home!

House Staff

Resident Assistants (RA)
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Community Manager (CM)
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Financial Manager (FM)
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Kitchen Manager (KM)
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Resident Computing Consultant (RCC)
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