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House Description

589 Governor's Ave, Stanford, CA 94305
West Campus
Governor's Corner (GovCo)
Housing Theme Type: 
Pre-Assignment Programs
Theme Name: 
Outdoor Education

Photograph of Outdoors House community members during a event in JPG format.

A student-initiated outdoors-themed house, located within Jenkins, providing undergraduates with a wider variety of housing options. The residence houses upperclassmen in four-to-six-person co-ed suites partitioned to operate like a house, including its own dining society. Most house programming will be informal, ranging from hiking to surfing at the beach. The outdoors house was the brainchild of Zach Chase ’16 and Natasha Berk ’16. Chase and Berk came up with the idea for the house during a car ride back from a trip to Lake Tahoe with the Stanford Alpine Ski & Snowboard Team. 

The Outdoor House is the home-base for a legacy of stoke and good vibes that have always existed at Stanford but never been formally brought together. We're about having the best time all the time, whether that means charging ten-foot waves or sun bathing, climbing Half Dome or strolling around Lake Lag, shredding KT-22 or building a snowman at the base. We're looking for anyone and everyone interested in spontaneous adventures. In addition to unplanned excursions, we will have quarterly house trips, an active social calendar, and a host of activities to build community. We expect lively dinners, enthusiastic conversations, and an awesome group of people looking to rack up some unforgettable stories. 

We’re leaving our co-ops, dorms, and Greek houses to create the community of our dreams and we'd love to have you with us. We welcome people of all experience levels and backgrounds. Let's chase sunsets, build bonfires, make snow angels, laugh, dream, and have the time of our lives...

Resident Fellows

Resident Fellow Names: 

Photograph of Jenny Roxas.

Resident Fellows for 2019-20

Jenny Roxas

Jenny serves as the Assistant Director of Career Catalysts at BEAM, Stanford Career Education where she helps students define and explore what meaningful work is for themselves.

She specifically serves first-generation and/or low-income students as well as the Asian Pacific Islander community at the intersections of identity and career development. She considers herself as an orchestrator of opportunity by building strategic partnerships, developing tailored programming, and creating collaborative initiative to best serve students. As a Bay Area native, she is excited to finally be back home closer to family and friends.

Her personal interests include traveling, yoga, dancing, reading, and appreciating both visual and performing arts. She highly values equity and inclusion and is excited to work with students as creators of culture within Suites

Photograph of RF, Rachel Aumann, and her partner within a Polaroid style framing in JPG format.

Resident Fellows for 2020-21

Rachel Aumann

Rachel was born and raised in Northern California and headed to Southern California for undergrad at UC Irvine to work on a BA in Psychology and Social Behavior. While going to school, she worked full time in secondary schools with neurodiverse students on building social skills. Through that experience she decided to continue her education at Cal with a masters in social welfare and then UC Davis with a masters in public health. Rachel practiced as a clinician at Foothill College prior to shifting gears to student affairs at Stanford and has been here since Autumn 2012. Rachel first served as Assistant Dean of Students working on leadership development with student organizations, among many other things. In 2018, Rachel decided it was time to return to the work most important to her, direct support of students facing challenging circumstances, and joined the team of residence deans in early 2019. Along the way, Rachel also served as a Community Associate in Escondido Village (a lifetime ago, 2007-2009) and as the live-in residential director of High School Summer College (2009), community development experiences that leave her excited to enter this next phase as the RF for Suites and Outdoor House. Rachel is deeply committed to well-being and the full student experience, which starts with a sense of belonging in one’s residential space. She looks forward to engaging with residents in Suites and ODH over lunches in the dining societies and hosted dinners at her RF apartment. 

When Rachel is not on campus, she is training adult athletes at a local triathlon club, running trails all over the bay, competing in endurance events and exploring new restaurants, wineries and breweries with her partner, Brian. Rachel also enjoys cycling, paddle boarding, back country skiing, camping, hiking and spending time with family, especially her newborn nephew. 

Community Information

Residence Type: 
Upper Class

Panoramic photo of Suites in JPG format.

Dining Societies

Students assigned to the Suites are required to take a meal plan at one of the Dining Societies—Avanti, Beefeater, Bollard and Middle Earth. Students in Outdoor House eat in Bollard. The Dining Societies are student-run organizations that offer the student eating plan and sponsor social activities.  More information about the Dining Societies can be found here

Additional Community Information

What is the coolest thing about your house & community?

The coolest thing about Outdoor House is the culture of intentional inclusivity. Outdoor House is home to people from all walks of life, from sponsored surfers and bikers to people who have never been camping before. In Outdoor House, prior experience matters far less than a commitment to the community and an eagerness to explore and adventure together. We are proud of these adventures because they are inclusive of all skill levels and accessible for people who have never tried them before.

What makes a successful Outdoor House Staff member?

  1. Dedicated! Willing to spend the time needed to get things together, whether it’s a holiday white elephant party or an all-house camping trip. Having a sick trip idea is awesome, but putting it into effect takes true commitment and willpower. We are looking for resourceful, hardworking leaders to support an incredibly active and involved community.
  2. Willing to listen! Not only to your fellow staff members, but to what the community wants. Outdoor House Staff serves a large group of students, and not everyone is excited about the same stuff. We want staffers who are versatile and able to meet the needs of their community.
  3.  ~Creative~  We are constantly looking for new ways to experience the world around us. Creativity, spontaneity, and an optimistic attitude are key ingredients for a successful staffer.
  4. Passionate! We hope that you are truly stoked on the house and its residents. We hope that planning stuff for Outdoor House gets you amped!  
  5. Loving! Outdoor House walks an amazing balance between a tight-knit community in it’s own right while being incredibly welcoming to the campus at large. Staff need to be very empathetic and big-hearted to support and maintain our very special community while pouring in passion to everything they do.

Our house is meaningful to the Stanford community because...

We are first and foremost a home for 65 students at Stanford, and caring for the individuals living at Outdoor House is any staffer’s primary responsibility. We prioritize experiencing all adventures with one another, and this energy is what makes ODH such an accessible, fun-loving, and supportive space on campus. We allow members to experience as much of the outdoors as possible. We share the outdoors with the greater community through workshops, hikes, and more. We aim to promote a culture of adventure on campus, and as a staffer, you will embody these values while working hard for your residents.

Requirements to Qualify for Pre-Assignment

The Outdoor House is a new community within Suites founded with the intentions of creating a place for people to explore, educate and connect via their interests in adventures and the outdoors. Join a supportive and passionate community to try something new or gain valuable leadership and teamwork skills by facilitating an adventure of your own. Whether novice or expert, we will be your home-base for hiking, biking, surfing, skiing, camping, backpacking, kayaking, climbing, or creating an adventure outside of the box. With campus-wide events, outdoor skills workshops, and a host of other activities to build community, the Stanford Outdoor House will be the center of stoke for the avid and diverse outdoor enthusiasts here at Stanford.

How Rooms Are Assigned

Pre-assigned residents will have first pick of rooms within the designated Outdoor House suites during the in-house draw. Among pre-assigned residents, class year will determine the order of room selection (senior, junior, and then sophomore).

Requirements for Preassigned Residents of Outdoor House

Pre-Assignment Requirements

The goal of theme requirements are to enhance the house's community and promote outdoor enthusiasm. To fulfill theme requirements, each resident must:

  1. Go on at least one off-campus trip per quarter. This requirement can be fulfilled through Outdoor House’s quarterly all-house trips.
  2. Attend the ODH Pre-Assignment Common Adventure Information Session.
  3. Engage with the house community and attend events and meetings each quarter set by the 2020-2021 ODH student staff. Individuals will be expected to fill out an end of quarter report on the events they attended and the knowledge, skills, and experiences they gained from attending the events.
  4. Take at least one course through the Outdoor Center, not including CPR
  5. Perform one of the following in each category:
  •  Preassignee Initiated Events

    • Lead an In-House Workshop to introduce an outdoor sport or skill to novice residents. 

    • Host an in-house or community-wide outdoor event (e.g. a speaker, movie screening)

  •  Outdoor House Staff Initiated Events

    • Help the Outdoor House Student Staff to plan a house activity or event. 

    • Contribute significantly to a ‘Do-It’ project. (Note: A Do-It project is a house related task that program leadership ( has identified as important and generally is assigned to a pre-assignment resident. For example: Setting up decorations for an event, managing logistics for a trip etc. 

    • Help organize one of the Outdoor Center’s Outdoor Community Annual Events (Open House, CRAG, Gear Swap, SPOT, etc)

Tier Requirement

Pre-assignment to Outdoor House requires a TIER TWO housing choice.

Requirements for Residents of Outdoor House

Required for all Outdoor House residents to complete:

  1. Attend the ODH Pre-Assignment Common Adventure Information Session.
  2. Engage with the house community and attend events and meetings each quarter set by the 2020-2021 ODH student staff. Individuals will be expected to fill out an end of quarter report on the events they attended and the knowledge, skills, and experiences they gained from attending the events.

House Staff

Community Resident Assistant (RA)
: 3