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House Description

684 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA 94305
East Campus
Gerhard Quad
Housing Theme Type: 
Theme Name: 
Humanities Focus

Photograph of Ng House Community members studying on the house patio.

Opened in the fall of 2015, Ng House is a lively central location for humanities activity on campus (broadly Art, Art History, Classics, English, History, Literatures, Languages, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theater and Performance Studies, and related interdisciplinary programs), and physical home to students who share a passion for any dimension of the human experience. With its impressive facilities, Ng House is a beautiful space and a wonderful communal resource both for its residents and other Stanford students.

The house is home to over 120 upper class students in singles and two-room doubles on three floors, adjacent to the Gerhard Casper Dining Commons. We are also privileged to have a Stanford graduate student and postdoctoral fellow living in the house as part of our staff team. In addition, we have a Visiting Scholar suite which allows us to bring faculty into the Ng community to share their interests and areas of study with the students in a residential setting. Ng House features a fabulous lounge and kitchen, where students can cook, socialize, and enjoy the many events that the community puts on. There are reading nooks and small work-spaces on every floor; and a reading room, a music practice room, and a creative workspace. 

The mission of Ng House is to provide an integrated learning and living environment, promoting a culture of informed inquiry, intellectual curiosity, and spirited participation. We host many events, facilitating student-initiated and student-led workshops, organizing field trips, and serving as the locus for those who are interested in the role of humanities in today’s society. We partner with various centers and organizations across campus, including the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis, the Stanford Humanities Center, SLE, ITALIC, and related Stanford departments to bring leading scholars to the residence, and to encourage vibrant humanities programming on campus.

Resident Fellows

Resident Fellow Names: 
Elaine Treharne and Andy Fryett

Photograph of Ng RFs within a polaroid style frame in JPG format.

Elaine and Andy, who are British, came to Stanford in the fall of 2012. They moved into the Ng House in 2017, with their two dogs, two cats, and two children.

Elaine is a Professor in the Department of English, the Director of Stanford Text Technologies, and affiliate faculty of the HAI, the Europe Center, and the Woods Institute. She specializes in Medieval Literature and the History of Information Technologies. She collects vintage handwritten ephemera: manuscripts, notebooks, autograph books, and scrapbooks. Andy is a project manager in Student Affairs.

Andy and Elaine are both keen musicians: Andy plays the guitar and is a frustrated songwriter and composer, and Elaine sings in the MemChu choir. They also love reading, watching British television, rugby and soccer, and drinking many many cups of tea.

They are looking forward very much to helping students make the most of their hopefully amazing Stanford experience, and their focus is on building a caring community at Ng House.

Community Information

Residence Type: 
Upper Class

Panoramic photo of Ng House in JPG format.

What is the best thing about your house and community?

Our excellent location and our top-notch facilities make this a great place to live, with plenty of space for studying, relaxing, and participating in workshops and other programs. We have our own organic garden and beehives, and a beautiful outdoor area. We really try to encourage residents to socialize in their downtime, while we enjoy a relatively peaceful neighborhood.


What’s your favorite event or tradition in your house? 

We love hosting monthly Sunday brunches in the Ng kitchen for any students that might be in need of sustenance, especially if one or two students are willing to help with the preparation. We also enjoy regular Café Nights in the Ng lounge where students can gather together to drink tea or coffee, hot or cold, play music, bake brownies, talk about a lecture, read aloud, debate politics, try out some waltz steps, or just decompress after a busy day.

Our house is meaningful to the Stanford community because…

A campus without humanities at its core fails to engage wholly with artistic, moral and ethical values. Researching and reflecting upon what it means to be human—what is the essence of humanity—must be at the center of our endeavors, informing our global future even as we learn about societies and cultures of the past. Stanford has always been committed to studia humanitatis, and at Ng House this inspires our ethos and our community.


For prospective student staff members of Ng House

A successful Ng House staff team member enjoys supporting and encouraging other students in the pursuit of their interests; empowering them to participate in intellectual exchange; and to broaden their minds through stimulating conversation. Ng House staff and students appreciate the value of the arts and humanities; for, as Michelle Obama said, “they define who we are as a people. That is their power―to remind us of what we each have to offer, and what we all have in common.”

Expectations of student staff working in our community:

  • We work as a team and expect our staff to communicate effectively with each other and with us. We think of ourselves as team leaders and our priority is to support and advise our student staff.
  • We build our dorm norms, ethos, and programming in complete partnership with our team.
  • We expect each member of staff to do their fair share of work, to be aware of when a team-mate might need support or assistance, and to take appropriate action.
  • We appreciate promptness and reliability at all times.
  • We anticipate that our staff will pay attention to all university training and regulations.
  • There are no specific programming requirements for staff to complete.
  • The student staff are not required to attend or run theme workshops.
  • We expect our student staff to model kindness, compassion, and good judgment.
  • Our staff meetings are generally held on Monday evenings. We expect our staff to do all they can to schedule their activities accordingly.
  • Through team cooperation, we expect staff coverage for Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks and for end of quarter closing, as stated in the student staff expectations.

Expectations for applicants in the student staff selection process:

  • We prefer candidates to provide recommendations from their current and/or past resident fellows or employers.

For prospective residents of Ng House

All students that pre-assign or draw into Ng House must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Active participation in one student-run workshop in autumn quarter, and one additional student-run workshop in either winter or spring quarter. Attendance is recorded. Student workshops are typically special interest groups that meet for 90 minutes each week for six or seven weeks. They are conceived, organized and run by the residents of Ng House, with facilitation by graduate students. Students from other dorms are welcome to attend. Fulfilling this requirement carries one unit of credit for students who enroll in ENGLISH 50.
  • Participation in house events, such as visiting speaker seminars and local trips.
  • A commitment to creating a vibrant and engaged community at Ng House.

Requirements to Qualify for Pre-Assignment

  • Pre-assignment will require the use of a TIER TWO Housing choice.
  • Pre-assignment will be considered for students who can demonstrate a love for the arts and humanities, and a desire to engage with each other and the world through humanistic inquiry.

House Staff

Community Resident Assistant (RA)
: 7