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House Description

618 Escondido Rd, Stanford, CA 94305
East Campus
Stern Hall

Photograph of Larkin House Staff at campus opening 2017-18 in JPG format.

Larkin is the longest-serving all-frosh house situated close to the center of campus. Larkinites are a committed community who continue to support each other, Stanford, and societies across the globe. Perhaps you will see them in your travels, recognized by the house’s signature scarf.

Current Larkinites show up en masse to Stanford events and any activity that provides shared experiences that build life-long friendships. Larkinites also bond during Learning Expeditions such as "Diving into Marine Ecology" (explorations of the Hopkins Marine Station and Monterey Bay) and around the fondue pot during regular "Fondue Fridays."

You'll find Larkinites in North Lounge during RF-hosted viewing parties of athletic events and political debates, and you'll find dozens more in West Lounge enjoying a refurbished 1963 Brunswick Gold Crown billiards table. Larkin pride is exhibited everywhere -- from student photos in West Lounge to a student-produced mural in Larkin North stairwell. Though there are two wings, there is one Larkin, one Love, one Larkin Love.

Resident Fellows

Resident Fellow Names: 
Patti Hanlon-Baker & Geoff Baker

Photograph of the Larkin Resident Fellows in JPG format.

Patti and Geoff bring decades of teaching at the postsecondary level to their work as RFs. 

They met in graduate school, where both were teaching, when Patti was assigned to be Geoff's colleague mentor. They've taught at universities in New Haven, New York City, and Reno.

Patti is Associate Director of the Program in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Geoff consults through a national education nonprofit. Patti’s scholarly interests include feminist rhetoric and composition pedagogy. Geoff's interests include identity acquisition theories and professional development as well as biological and environmental studies. Their children, Brighid and Declan, have grown up around first-year students and Larkin staff, so they appreciate what can be learned during such an important formative experience.

Community Information

Residence Type: 

Panoramic photo of Larkin in JPG format.

Expectations for Applicants in the Selection Process

Recommendation Letters

Larkin requires two brief recommendation letters focused on your demonstrated communication and collaboration qualities. Recommendations letters should be from former or current work supervisors or academic instructors. 

Interviews: Questions, Schedule, and Timeline

If you are applying for multiple positions, please answer the Larkin-specific supplemental question(s) for each position.  We begin selection with first round group interviews followed by second round individual  interviews. We hope to begin interviewing the last weekend in January. As soon as we receive the applicant list, we’ll email with a better sense of our timeline influenced by our professional travel and other obligations.  We only email candidates if there’s a schedule glitch of some sort, so lack of additional emails does not suggest anything about your candidacy.

Expectations for Student Staff Who Work in Your Community


There are several Larkin staff members. All of us actively communicate, collaborate, and coordinate efforts to assess and support Larkin’s 99-100 residents across 2 buildings. All staff members engage in deliberation and decision-making. To work as a team and best serve residents and each other’s success, we know staff members must possess and hone professional inquiry, empathy, response-ability, care-full-ness, and commitment to Residential Education ideals and practices. 

On-call responsibilities are allocated only to RAs; however, all staff members can serve through on-call nights, and a few “high traffic nights” are supported by all staff members. 

We expect that all staff members attend and actively participate in all weekly staff meetings (usually held on Mondays @ 8:30 pm). [we’d cut role description if they change]

All staff members are expected to be reasonably available to all the residents for help, advice, and mentoring, but be especially responsive to residents on their hall. We expect staff to be a supportive presence in their hall, spending time in their room with the door open, taking most of their meals in the dining hall, and often studying and socializing in the public spaces. We also expect staff members to attend as many dorm events as possible.  While we recognize staff members have academic and personal obligations, attending peers’ and residents’ events demonstrates a commitment to community.

Exterior photograph of Larkin House in JPG format.

Expectations for What It is Like to Live in Your House

Larkin is Stanford’s largest, longest-serving all-frosh house. It has two buildings – North and West – connected by a second-story bridge, its own courtyard, and two lounges.  You'll find Larkinites in North Lounge during RF-hosted viewing parties of athletic events and political debates, and you'll find dozens more in West Lounge playing pool, ping pong, and fusbal. Though there are two buildings, there is one Larkin, one Love, one Larkin Love.

Larkin pride is exhibited everywhere -- from Larkin scarf photos from across the globe to a student-produced mural in Larkin North stairwell. We hope these visual elements demonstrate that Larkin is a home, a place to connect with others during frosh year and beyond. To develop these connections, we help staff assess residents’ interests and needs, and we work together to develop events and community focused on our residents’ interests and health. 

We see an important aspect of our role as direct support of student staff; we take that role seriously and strive to work with staff in thoughtful ways. A couple of quotes from former staff:

“I feel like Patti and Geoff could support me through an apocalypse; they’re extremely reliable, loving, and experienced.”--Emma

“Staffing holds immense challenges and opportunities for growth, and I wouldn’t have known how to face most of them without the experience that Patti and Geoff have in the RF role, nor the empathy with which they share it.” --Lucia

RF’s Favorite Larkin Traditions

Larkinto-the-Wild (quarterly “wilderness” adventures), The Game, Larkin scarf photos, café nights (open mic), FGSS-sponsored and “Uncovering Your Political Identity” dorm classes, Frosh 101, and “Fondue Fundays.”  All traditions bring residents together in different ways and scaffold the strong, healthy Larkin community that has earned a good reputation throughout the decades. As RFs and fellow staff members, we appreciate that we are custodians of that reputation, and we look forward to sustaining it through the diligent efforts of all Larkinites. 

Selection Interview Process and Timeline

We're hoping to finish reading applications and offer interviews at the end of January. First round will be group interviews; second round will be individual interviews. 

We anticipate holding second round interviews during the third and fourth weeks of February,. 

If you are offered an interview and later find you need to change your interview time, please contact us via email as we don't log into the SAAS system daily:

After second round interviews, candidates will not receive additional communication from us (replies to emails, notes, etc.). We wish you all the best with the process. 

House Staff

Community Resident Assistant (RA)
: 7