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House Description

586 Mayfield Ave, Stanford, CA 94305
The Row
The Row
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Independent Living (The Row): 

Table of Contents

  1. Land acknowledgment 
  2. Kairos Community Intentions
  3. 2020-2021 Kairos Staff
  4. Kairos Co-op Info and Layout
  5. Mail/Package Deliveries
  6. Kairos Pre-assignment Information

Land Acknowledgement

Photograph of staff together within a Polaroid style frame in JPG format.

Kairos sits on the unceded lands of the Muwekma Ohlone who’ve lived here for thousands of years. As a contemporary people, the Muwekma Ohone continue to have a relationship with this land. As a house occupying their land, Kairos is devoted to centering Indigenous voices as well as other voices of color in our community.

Community Intentions 

Kairos is a community intent on having a good time and supporting each other as we journey through Stanford!

We are committed to advocating for and uplifting the voices of students of color, queer students, FLI students, and students with disabilities. In particular, we center Indigenous and Black students and are dedicated to promoting activism, arts, and any other passions of residents in our capacity as a co-op. 

Kairos hosts both in-house and all campus events (examples of events held in the 2019-2020 school year include: a reading by Sudanese poet Safia Elhillo, The Second Coming - an all campus queer mixer, every Stanford Film Society screening, concerts in the All My Relations Indigenous artist series, and much more). 

Kairos has a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, and classism. We are a community of consent.

2020-2021 Staff

Photograph of Ayoade.

Ayoade Balogun (Community RA): she/her 

Hello folks! I am a friendly and food-loving work-in-progress who has found community at Stanford through some of our many Black orgs, at CAS (the Center for African Studies) and in the strong community of environmental justice organizers, artists, and activists. These spaces are special to me because, as much as our campus can distort and break down my senses of self and serenity as a Black womxn, these are the places and people that constantly share their warmth with me and relentlessly remind me of my own magic. I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, where I was nurtured by the steady watch of the Blue Ridge Mountains and all the antics of a first generation American/Nigerian immigrant family. I don’t know if it’s obvious to y’all yet but there’s a gem of a community waiting for you and your light in Kairos next year. Just look at this POWER STAFF! 

Photograph of Shayna.

Shayna Naranjo (Community RA): she/her,

 Hi! I am Pueblo womxn from a small reservation in Northern New Mexico where food, community, and culture are the heart and soul of my identity. 

Growing up I was raised by a trio of strong-willed Native aunties and continue to gravitate towards other strong-willed Indigenous women to build each other up and hold down our communities. Each teaching me the necessities of caring for the land, each other, and self. I’ve made my roots at Stanford within Indigenous spaces such as the Native American Cultural Center. 

Along with my AMAZING staff next year, Kairos is hoping to welcome a diverse and tight-knit community next year!

Photograph of Kendra.

Kendra Becenti (Community RA): she/her

Yá'át'ééh! Hello! My name is Kendra and I am beyond excited to be one of your three community RAs in Kairos next year. I am a woman of the Diné people and I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am a part of the Indigenous community on campus, which has been my home at Stanford for the past three years. I am so excited for this to also include Kairos staff and residents! Along with my incredible fellow staff, I am looking forward to planning gatherings and helping create supportive spaces, relationships, and community in Kairos. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to be a part of the diverse and beautiful family we’re going to build together. Come join our family!

Photograph of Emmy.

Emmy Li (Kitchen RA): she/her

Hello, Future Kai-Resident! My name is Emmy, and my job is to nourish you! I love food, in a BIG way. From shiitake mushroom dumplings to lavender shortbread cookies to cauliflower bánh mì’s, I am thrilled to share my culinary skills and to connect with people through cooking. I self-identify as being from Flavortown, USA (jk, Wisconsin, but still), and have found a home on campus through the arts, FLIP, the WCC, and QSpot. In Kairos, we hope to establish, maintain, and protect a community that centers disenfranchised peoples. Through our efforts, and yours, we hope that you find the agency to create a home for yourself here—one where you are able to take off your armor and share space with others.

Photograph of Mei.

Mel Guo (Kitchen RA): she/her

Hey folx...

I am Mel. 

I feel so so lucky to be building a home in Kairos. 

This house feels like home to me, especially when I cook Chinese food in the kitchen and share it with the people I live with. 

Wherever in the world you hail from, whether in geography or in your heart, bring a piece of it with you here <3

Photograph of Ely.

Ely Nez (Financial RA): any pronouns

Hey ya'll. 

My name is Ely. 

I am from the Navajo reservation.

I am a senior majoring in Biochem and minoring in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality studies. 

Currently doing the premed track. 

I am your Financial RA. 

Photograph of Marilyn.

Marilyn Frank (Operations RA): she/her,

Hello! I am Lakota, Tlingit, and Tsimshian. My heart belongs to my land, and my people. 

My connections on campus are within the Indigenous community, and I am PUMPED to make even more connections as your friend and staff member at Kairos. 

I hope to love and support you in the ways that you need/want.

Whether that be through toilet paper or talking, I am here for it all.

Community Information

Residence Type: 

Panoramic of Kairos in JPG format.

Kairos Co-op Info and Layout

Kairos welcomes 36 residents (of which 7 are staff members and 11 are pre-assignees).

Kairos is a co-op, meaning the staff and residents take care of the house with no ResEd cooking or custodial staff. We have a job system which ensures that labor is divided as fairly as possible among everyone and only amounts to 2-5 hours spread out over the week. We have a fully stocked industrial kitchen, cook dinner together Sunday through Thursday, and have brunch every Sunday. All residents have input over what the house purchases for food, events, and resources! We take care of the house and each other together, and prioritize having a good time :]

The first floor of Kairos is all common areas including: a beautiful open library with a grand piano, a pool room with another piano (here we often screen films and host concerts), a computer cluster, a foyer, a dining room, a tea wall, a laundry room, and of course, our huge industrial kitchen. Please note that there is a ramp to enter the building located on the west side of the house, however Kairos has no elevators or ramps internally for access to the second and third floors. The second and third floors are all residential rooms, though each has a common space landing. Kairos has a mixture of singles, doubles, and triples. There are gender neutral bathrooms on all three floors. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the 2020-2021 staff (contact info in Section 3)!

Information Regarding Mail and Package Delivery

Students living in Row Houses (Upper Row, Lower Row, Clusters 1, 2, or 3/Cowell) are strongly encouraged to follow the directions for the mail and package process provided on the Mail Delivery and Shipping page, as the PO Box address is each student’s official Stanford address and should be maintained during their entire undergraduate career.­ However, Row residents are also able to have mail packages delivered directly to their Row house by addressing mail and packages to the house's street address.­ Please be reminded that Student Housing/the University accepts no responsibility for packages sent to/delivered at individual residences.


Requirements to Qualify for Pre-Assignment

Tier Requirement

Pre-assignment to Kairos REQUIRES the use of a TIER TWO housing choice.

What is a pre-assignee?

A pre-assignee is you! 

If you’re really excited by the idea of the intentional community Kairos holds, then there’s a more direct way to live with us than the draw. Review Section 2 (Kairos Community Intentions) to understand the type of community we want to create.

In the draw, you pick a tier and rank your houses - but the decision of where you live is completely automated. In the pre-assignee process, you just need to write some thoughts down to some questions. The in-coming staff reads those thoughts and crafts a community which will support each other and shape Kairos’ house culture for the whole year. 

We have the capacity to accept 11 people as committed 2020-2021 Kairos residents! 

What is the pre-assignment process?

The pre-assignment process includes learning about Kairos, visiting Kairos during co-op crawl (an open house for students to visit co-ops) or reaching out to an in-coming staff member to visit at another time, and then applying! 

The application information can be found here.

What is being a pre-assignee like during the year?

Once preassigned, the 11 pre-assignees agree to collectively come up with and facilitate (with support from staff) one in-house community event for each of the three academic quarters. 

Event ideas could include: artist workshops, scavenger hunts, cooking competitions, and anything/everything you dream up. 

Pre-assignees will also be equal members of the usual job system. This includes cooking, cleaning, and general house-keeping. The Operations-RA is tasked with managing this system. All residents can expect to do no more than 2-5 hours of work on any given week. 

If you have accessibility concerns about living in Kairos, please reach out to in-coming staff (contact information above in Section 3).

House Staff

Community Resident Assistant (RA)
: 3
Row Kitchen Resident Assistant (RA)
: 2
Row Financial Resident Assistant (RA)
: 1
Operations Resident Assistant (RA)
: 1