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House Description

658 Escondido Rd, Stanford, CA 94305
East Campus
Wilbur Hall

Photograph of JRo House Staff at campus opening 2018-19 in JPG format.

Junipero, affectionately known as J-Ro, is an all-freshman dorm located on the east side of campus, in the community of dormitories known together as Wilbur Hall. It is comprised of one-room doubles, with one-room singles available under special condition. In addition to two Resident Fellows, Junipero has six student staff members, all of which are available to the 85 freshmen residents who reside there. 

Many in-dorm activities and “off-the-farm” events are planned throughout the year for both intellectual and recreational purposes.

How did Junipero get its name?

Junipero is the Spanish word for the Juniper tree. Wilbur Hall, where Junipero is located, is named for Ray Lyman Wilbur, a Stanford alumnus, who served as Dean of the Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University President (1916-1943), and US Secretary of the Interior. Each house in Wilbur Hall has a Spanish name; Junipero is one of several dormitory names referencing natural features, in honor of Dr. Wilbur’s love of nature. 

Resident Fellows

Resident Fellow Names: 
Addie and Danny

Photograph of Addie and Danny in a polaroid-style frame in JPG format.

Danny and Addie are thrilled to be the RFs in Junipero.

Addie is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology & Neurological Sciences, focusing her research and clinical care on the diagnosis and management of headaches. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Addie moved to the East coast to attend Brown University as an undergraduate, where she majored in Neuroscience, followed by New York University for medical school. She returned to the West coast to join the Stanford community for her residency in Neurology and fellowship in Headache and Facial Pain.

Danny was born and raised in Southern California. He earned his BS from Stanford in Management Science & Engineering, and his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He now works at Facebook, driving strategy initiatives that give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Their hobbies include baking, hiking, puzzle-hunting (a passion Danny picked up while a Stanford undergraduate) and exploring local attractions.

Stanford has provided formative experiences for both Danny and Addie, and they’re excited to share countless more with the residents of JRo! 

Community Information

Residence Type: 

Panoramic photo of JRo in JPG format.

You should apply to staff here if…

you are passionate about collaborating with a wonderful group of co-staff, to create a warm, inclusive, and growth-mindset home for our JRo frosh. We aspire to work with a group of individuals eager to be leaders, to work hard, to mentor and support our frosh, and to create programming that meets the needs of our community. We are also eager to help our staff share their personal passions and interests with the JRo frosh.

What values drive how you work with staff members?

We are a collaborative staff who value contributions from every team member. Each year, as a staff, we will determine together the values that will drive how we function. A few shared values that guide Danny and Addie, as Resident Fellows, include prioritizing personal health & wellbeing, and having honest and open communication with our staff. We also expect everyone to foster a culture of accountability, respect, inclusivity, responsibility, and exploration.

One example of prioritizing personal health & wellbeing, is our focus on supporting JRo staff in all aspects of their lives – not only in the context of their staff role, but academically, personally, professionally, etc. As RFs, we feel strongly that we all perform our best when we take care of ourselves, and it is important to model this for our frosh. In that light, we are here to mentor and help you be your very best self, both within JRo, and throughout your life.


How does your staff team operate?

We function as one team of eight staff, valuing each as an equal stakeholder in all decisions. We view all staff as critical contributors to the dorm leadership, and we recognize that our frosh will look to you for guidance, regardless of your specific role.

Operationally, we have weekly staff meetings to discuss how we can best support our house, and expect staff will communicate regularly as questions arise or attention is needed. RFs are available to our staff outside of formal staff meetings, to discuss any issues. We appreciate any opportunities to engage with staff either one-on-one or as a group, to discuss individual needs or needs of the community. We hope you feel like the RF cottage is an extension of your home, and that you find yourself coming over to celebrate personal successes, to rehearse challenging conversations, to problem-solve situations together, or just to check-in.

Community Expectations

Expectations for applicants in the Selection process:

Although recommendations are not required, the strongest applications will include recommendations from former RFs or staff members who know you well, and can speak to your ability to engage in the role of a staff member.

Expectations for what it is like to live in JRo:

Each year will feel unique and distinct, shaped by each class of incoming frosh, their particular set of needs and wants, plus the personalities, interests, and priorities of our staff. Despite these variations, we count on JRo continuing to feel like a warm and loving home for all of us.

Expectations for student staff who work in your community:

We expect that you will communicate with co-staff openly and often. We are all here to support you, and will openly communicate our needs with you and expect you to do the same with us. We know that staffing in any frosh dorm can be challenging and time consuming, but will also be met with wonderful opportunities for growth as a leader and mentor. It is a very rewarding position, and we are excited to get to know you!

House Staff

Community Resident Assistant (RA)
: 6