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House Description

620 Mayfield Ave, Stanford, CA 94305
The Row
The Row
Housing Theme Type: 
Language and Culture
Theme Name: 
German Language & Culture
Independent Living (The Row): 

Photograph of residents at a Haus Mitt house event in a polaroid-style frame (JPG format).

Theme programming at Haus Mitt revolves around two things: language and culture. Residents with no German experience are encouraged to learn informally at opportunities like Stammtisch, which is our weekly German meal. During Stammtisch, members of the greater German community on campus are welcome to join us for good German food and good German conversation.

Cultural activities in the Haus range from theme classes (such as German cooking, beer brewing, movie series, and others, depending upon quarter) to theme projects, which are short presentations by residents on middle European subjects they are interested in. Conversation courses that are taught by graduate students and don’t take place in Haus Mitt.

We also enjoy an active role in the greater European community through events such as Oktoberfest and Eurolympics, during which the residents of the European-themed houses get together to enjoy good food and good spirits. As we say in Germany, hau rein!

Community Information

Residence Type: 

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Room Assignment Note

Majority of singles are reserved for house staff. Residents typically live in spacious doubles and triples. 

Information Regarding Mail and Package Delivery

 Students living in Row Houses (Upper Row, Lower Row, Clusters 1, 2, or 3/Cowell) are strongly encouraged to follow the directions for the mail and package process provided on the Mail Delivery and Shipping page, as the PO Box address is each student’s official Stanford address and should be maintained during their entire undergraduate career.­ However, Row residents are also able to have mail packages delivered directly to their Row house by addressing mail and packages to the house's street address.­ Please be reminded that Student Housing/the University accepts no responsibility for packages sent to/delivered at individual residences.


Additional Community Information

What is the coolest thing about your house & community?

Living on the upper row keeps you very close to campus life, but also provides the opportunity for a quieter night in when you need one.  Since we are a relatively small house (37 people), everyone in the house knows one another, creating a comforting home. It’s also easy to make new friends through the theme house community, as we plan events with Slav and French House. Weekly happy hours, Beer & Pretzels, Oktoberfest, German baking, and our dope kitchen make for an awesome home.

What makes a successful Haus Staff member?

A successful Haus Mitt member doesn’t necessarily have to have a strong background in German culture; rather, it’s your passion and willingness to create an amazing, inclusive community that count.  The two Theme-RAs (formerly Academic Theme Associates) usually have a stronger connection to the theme and maintain ties to the German department and broader European community.

Haus Mitt is a small house, so an ideal staff member would assume complete ownership of events and activities and go the extra mile. We constantly come up with new ways to engage both residents  and the Stanford community through theme, all-campus, and in-house events. Moreover, we are looking for prospective members who will continue our traditions like Oktoberfest! We’re always stoked for Haus’ next adventure.

Our house is meaningful to the Stanford community because? 

Our house provides the Stanford community with many opportunities to come together in different ways. We hold all-campus events and a weekly Stammtischfor those interested in practicing speaking German. Furthermore, our house often serves as a gateway to the German Studies program and the Bing Overseas Program in Berlin. Our close connections to those programs helps tie Haus Mitt to the larger Stanford community. Haus Mitt serves as an open and welcoming space not only for residents, but also friends and student groups - everyone is engaged beyond their social circle, and gets to know a greater Stanford community.

Requirements to Qualify for Pre-Assignment

How Rooms Are Assigned


Pre-assigned residents will receive spaces based upon the house's configuration.

Tier Requirement

Pre-assignment to Haus Mitt REQUIRES the use of a TIER TWO housing choice.

Additional Requirements

Pre-assignment to Haus Mitteleuropa will be considered for students who fulfill at least one of the following conditions. Priority will be given to students with the most German background and experience.

  • Successful completion of at least 1 Quarter of GERLANG, GERGEN, or GERLIT classes (please highlight relevant portions of unofficial transcript).
  • At least one quarter of study at Stanford-in-Berlin or another study abroad program in Germany, Austria, or German-speaking Switzerland (please highlight relevant portions of unofficial transcript).
  • Prior or native knowledge of German language (please arrange to meet by April 22nd with current theme staff to display this: Devon Warshaw or Lisa Wang.
  • Strong interest in Haus Mitt's theme, demonstrated by your essays (below) or previous attendance to Haus Mitt theme classes.

If assigned to Haus Mitt you must:

  • Purchase the Haus Mitt meal plan.
  • Perform weekly hashing duties, as well as a quarterly Sunday clean
  • Receive 8 Haus Mitt theme points (12 for pre-assigns, 10 for non-preassigns) by attending classes or other theme activities each quarter of residence in Haus Mitt (signing up for official credit on Axess is optional; attendance is not)
  • Complete a theme project if living in Haus Mitt for more than 1 quarter (A theme project is an individual or group project on some topic relating to German culture, language, history, etc. Students often choose to do a brief presentation for fellow housemates)
  • It is strongly recommended that all applicants attend at least one Stammtisch (Monday at 6pm) before April 22nd to become familiar with the theme programming and to demonstrate interest and enthusiasm.

House Staff

Faculty Affiliate: Lilla Balint

House Staff

Community Resident Assistant (RA)
: 3
Row Theme Resident Assistant (RA)
: 2
Row Financial Resident Assistant (RA)
: 1
Row Kitchen Resident Assistant (RA)
: 1