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House Description

436 Mayfield Avenue, Stanford, CA 94305
West Campus
Florence Moore Hall (FloMo)

Photograph of East FloMo House Staff at campus opening 2017-18 in JPG format.

Centrally located on Mayfield Avenue, two minutes from Tresidder and five from the Quad, East Florence Moore Hall consists of three houses—one all-freshman (Alondra) and two four-class (Cardenal and Faisan)—with about 65 residents each, connected by raised catwalks and a dining hall.

Being a good staff member in the close community of East Flo requires empathy, energy, and lots of "flove." While SLE alums often come back to staff, the East Flo staff as a whole has a mix of academic and residential backgrounds, just like our upperclassmen.

With so many residents both living and learning together, life here can be rich -- sometimes intense -- with lots of opportunities to form tight bonds. Great staff remain tuned-in, emotionally open, and invested without getting embroiled themselves. East Flo offers the unique challenge and opportunity of working both locally (with individual house staff and sixty residents), and East Flo-wide (with East Flo staff ~ 17 and 100+ person events).

The interactions among staff groups, large and small, are highly collaborative and open: all staff members, regardless of official position, are invited to bring their passions, perspectives, and talents to bear in providing excellent experiences for their residents.

Structured Liberal Education (SLE) Theme

East Flo (as it's affectionately abbreviated) serves as the residential and academic center of the Structured Liberal Education (SLE) program. Alondra is half SLE, half IHUM, and half the total residents of East Flo are SLE frosh and many of its upperclassmen returning SLE alumni, which tends to make the East Flo community very tight-knit, spirited, and intellectual.

Sunday through Thursday, residents sit at round tables in the three dining halls to talk and to enjoy delicious meals from FloMo dining, famous for its Indian dinners on Sunday and—as stipulated by its donor Florence Moore—ice-cream served at every meal.

Resident Fellows

Resident Fellow Names: 
Greg and Susan Watkins

Photograph of the East FloMo Resident Fellows in JPG format.

We have been Resident Fellows for over 15 years and are happy to call East Flo Mo our home. One of the best things about East Flo is the dynamic mix of House-specific culture/programming with plenty of East Flo-wide events. Residents get the benefits of both the small house and the dorm complex.

As for us, Susan is originally from upstate New York. After earning her degree in Industrial Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, she worked for Federal Express on the East Coast, in Los Angeles and in the Bay area. After FedEx, she worked for Webvan (a grocery delivery startup which has the dubious distinction of being one of the Internet’s most colossal business failures).

Susan now works as the Director of Operations at the Career Management Center at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Greg grew up in Idaho and was once a Flo Mo student himself, graduating from Stanford with a BA in a self-designed major called Social Theory. He then went to UCLA for an MFA in Film Production and continues to be involved in various film projects. Greg also has a joint PhD in Religious Studies and Humanities from Stanford.

He is currently a Lecturer for for Structured Liberal Education (SLE), which is housed in East FloMo.

Community Information

Residence Type: 
Four Class

Exterior photograph of East FloMo in JPG format.


Alondra is all Frosh. Cardenal and Faisan are 4-class. 

Additional East FloMo Information

What’s the coolest thing about your house and community?

In East Flo, you get the advantages of both the big and the small dorm.  The three houses do a lot of their own, independent programming, but we also do a lot as East Flo.  So whether you’re a resident or on staff, you get the best of both worlds.

What qualities make a successful East Flo Mo staff team member? 

Being yourself.  Assuming all of the general qualities that make a good staff member, being successful here means also finding a way to make your own distinctive contributions based on your personality and interests.  Because we have a large staff, there’s enough people to share the general load so that one has the time and energy to contribute in distinctive ways.

What’s your favorite event or tradition in your house? 

One of our favorite traditions is what we call “Flo MoMA”.  We ask staff and residents to come back from spring break with works of art (no matter the skill level) to share with other residents.  Then we have our very own East Flo gallery opening in the RF apartment, with the art displayed on the walls, a painting made by the group during the party, and music by residents being played on the patio.  The opening is followed by a week of art activity programming led by residents and staff members.

House Staff

Community Resident Assistant (RA)
: 13