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House Description

685 Escondido Road, Stanford, CA 94305
East Campus
Gerhard Quad
Housing Theme Type: 
Pre-Assignment Programs
Theme Name: 
Community Leaders

Photo of Castaño community members during a house event in JPG format.

Located in the up and coming area of campus, Gerhard Quad, Castaño is an upperclass dorm located in Stanford's east campus.

The dormitory is a mix of singles, 2-room doubles, 1-room doubles and some 3-room quads housing 113 residents. One of our theme houses on campus, Castaño features a focus on Community Leadership. The theme was developed to recruit residents interested in forming an interconnected community where students can learn from each other, about their backgrounds, passions, hopes and struggles.


Resident Fellows

Resident Fellow Names: 
James Holland Jones and Libra Hilde

Photograph of the Castanõ Resident Fellow family in JPG format.

Jamie Jones is an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth Systems Science, a senior fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford. His research interests include human ecology, demography and life history theory, infectious disease ecology, and social networks. Professor Jones did his undergraduate work at New College in Sarasota, Florida and his Ph.D. in anthropology at Harvard. He was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Washington in Seattle in the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences, Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology, and the Center for AIDS and STD.

Libra Hilde is a Professor of History at San José State University. Her research interests include 19th century American history, the Civil War, slavery, Reconstruction, women’s history, and Native American history. She has a B.A. in history and Native American studies from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. in history from Harvard.

Community Information

Residence Type: 
Upper Class

Panoramic photo of Castanõ in JPG format.

What’s the coolest thing about your house and community? 

In Castaño, we purposefully construct spaces to discuss issues that really matter: identity, fear, love, relationships, class, race, gender, sex, mental health, and more. There is no doubt that these conversations with my peers have been the most rewarding part of the Stanford experience, so I love that we try to facilitate those conversations among residents. Another cool thing about Castaño is the fact that there’s a huge degree of familiarity with so many returning members and the willingness of almost everyone in the dorm to be a part of an active, engaging community that grows and develops over the course of the year.

What qualities make a successful Castaño staff team member? 

Proactivity – you have to take the initiative to reach out to residents. Sophomores often think that there is some implicit “rule” that they can no longer create friendships the way they did in frosh dorms; it’s up to staff members to demonstrate to them that this is not the case. A successful Castaño staff team member will not only introduce him/herself to a resident but will also introduce residents to each other in an effort to break “clique” lines and create a stronger, more cohesive community.

What’s your favorite event or tradition in your house? 

Tacostaño. Every year we eat delicious tacos in the courtyard as we meet new members of the community. We are also always open to new ideas and new traditions.

Requirements to Qualify for Pre-Assignment


How Rooms Are Assigned

Pre-assigned residents will receive spaces based upon the house's configuration.

Tier Requirement

Pre-assignment to Castaño REQUIRES the use of a TIER THREE housing choice.

Additional Requirements

Pre-assignment to Castaño will be considered for students who fulfill the following conditions:

  1. A demonstrated interest in building community as evidenced this year by your participation in Castaño or Gerhard Casper neighborhood events and initiation of dorm activities
  2. Experience in developing friendships outside your draw group
  3. A passion for community building
  4. Current resident of Castaño or of Gerhard Casper quad.

Requirements for Pre-Assigned Residents of Castaño

If assigned to Castano you must

  1. Participate as a volunteer member of the staff, including attending staff meetings.
  2. Initiate and engage in activities and gestures, both large and small, to build the Castaño community.
  3. Assist staff in planning, organizing and implementing dorm events.
  4. Attend one quarter of the Community Leadership course.

House Staff

Community Resident Assistant (RA)
: 6