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Public Service & Civic Engagement

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Wilbur West, Chi Omega, Jerry, Enchanted Broccoli Forest, Narnia, 610 Mayfield, and apartments in Mirrielees and EVGR-A 


Otero is Stanford’s Public Service and Civic Engagement Theme House. 34 residents are first-year students who are interested in learning about and engaging in public service, and 45 residents are upperclass students with a demonstrated interest in public service and civic engagement. As the PSCE Theme House, residents will have opportunities to learn about various approaches to public service, engage in service activities on and off campus, consider how service can be integrated with their academic work, and connect with other students, faculty, and community organizations who are committed to social change efforts. Residents also have an opportunity to make a Cardinal Commitment - a year-long commitment to a public service program or organization. Students receive individual support and guidance from undergraduate student staff, a graduate fellow, and Resident Fellows as they craft their public service journey at Stanford and beyond - as well as support from our colleagues at the Haas Center for Public Service, the hub of public service at Stanford. Students will have opportunities to form strong relationships with others who share a similar dedication to public service and explore how to create a more just and sustainable world through service. 

  • House Type: Four-class
  • Capacity: 34 First-year students and 45 upperclass students
  • Placement: Otero

Leadership Team

  • Luke Terra, Resident Fellow and Associate Director, Haas Center for Public Service
  • Megan Terra, Resident Fellow
  • Deborah Stipek, Peter E. Haas Faculty Director, Haas Center for Public Service, Judy Koch Professor of Education 
  • Kristy Lobo, Senior Program Director, Public Service Leadership and Community Partnerships, Haas Center for Public Service
  • Leslie Garvin, Senior Program Director, Cardinal Careers, Haas Center for Public Service
  • Peggy Propp, Senior Program Director, Outreach and Engagement, Haas Center for Public Service
  • Reza Rezvani, Program Director, Student Outreach and Engagement, Haas Center for Public Service
  • Mary Esther Schnaubelt
  • Tom Schnaubelt, Executive Director, Haas Center for Public Service
  • Jo Wong, Director of Program and Organizational Effectiveness, Haas Center for Public Service

Otero House

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Exterior photo of Haas house during Spring 2016.