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NOTE: For the Winter 2021 quarter, students will be able to apply for Pre-Assignment to one of four ethnic theme houses (Casa Zapata, Muwekma-Tah-Ruk, Okada, and Ujamaa).

Residential Education's essential conviction is that formal teaching, informal learning, and personal support are integral to a Stanford education. ResEd programs extend the classroom into the residences and complement the academic curriculum with activities and experiences supporting students' preparation for a life of leadership, intellectual engagement, citizenship, and service.

Toward that end, ResEd supports pre-assignment programs and themes in residence. Each house is responsible for crafting and managing an integrated residential learning experience for its residents. These houses enjoy a long history on campus, many coming into fruition concurrently with ResEd itself.

Activities in houses with pre-assignment, whether academic or social, are related to that house's theme or focus area. Some are related to a cultural interest or affinity. Others are related to academic and career interests.

Each house has its own set of requirements, which you must agree to fulfill in order to pre-assign.

House-specific requirements can be found on each house's profile page (linked below). Read these carefully before applying for pre-assignment!

Open Houses for Ethnic Theme Houses

Ethnic theme houses are hubs on campus for members of the various communities that support them. Each house concerns itself with the exploration of a respective ethnic/cultural identity, often broadly interpreted. Often these houses have a strong affiliation with their corresponding cultural centers.

House Name Theme Location Class Availability Required Tier
Casa Zapata Chicanx/Latinx Focus East Campus Frosh and Upper Class TIer 3
Muwekma-Tah-Ruk Native American Focus The Row Frosh and Upper Class TIer 3
Okada Asian American Focus East Campus Frosh and Upper Class TIer 3
Ujamaa Black Culture Focus West Campus Frosh and Upper Class Tier 3