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Some of Stanford's on-campus residences offer special academic, cultural, social, or leadership programs. Several residences sponsor intensive foreign language study while other residences are co-ops. Co-ops offer a space where  the cooking and cleaning for residents is performed by the students who live in the house.

One of the core tenets of the Housing Allocation process is to support these unique residential programs through the Pre-Assignment process.

Students who want to live in a residence with a theme or pre-assignment program can come together with other students to create a community committed to exploring a topic, lifestyle, language, or culture.

Application Timeline 2020-21

For the Winter 2021 quarter, students will be able to apply for Pre-Assignment to one of four ethnic theme houses (Casa Zapata, Muwekma-Tah-Ruk, Okada, and Ujamaa).

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 and evolving campus planning, conditions may change, impacting students’ ability to live on campus or for residences to be open in Winter 2021. Participating in the Winter 2021 pre-assignment process is not a commitment to return to campus in Winter 2021, and we encourage students to apply even if they are not sure if they intend to return. Please note that if you are offered and accept a pre-assignment placement, it is a commitment to live in the pre-assigned house if you do choose to return to campus in Winter 2021.

Deadline Pre-Assignment Process Detail
Friday, October 16 Winter Housing Allocation applications open. Pre-Assignment applications open for ethnic theme houses only
Wednesday, October 21 Pre-Assignment application closes at 1:00pm PST
Tuesday, October 27 Ethnic theme house pre-assignments announced by ResEd.  Students pre-assigned to an ethnic theme house should still submit a housing application by October 30, ranking the ethnic theme house as their top choice.
Friday, October 30 Deadline for students to apply for Winter Housing Allocation
Mid to Late November Winter Housing Allocation results announced by R&DE Student Housing


Pre-Assignment Process