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Resident Director for On Call + Summer Session

Ian Dooley



  • Hometown: I grew up in Dresden, Ohio.
  • What I love about the Farm and ResEd: is the perfect blend of elements that make it extraordinary. The campus history adds a unique charm, while the captivating architecture seamlessly merges with the surrounding beauty. The Northern Californian weather is always delightful, creating a pleasant atmosphere for outdoor activities. Most importantly, the people—staff, faculty, and students—are incredibly dedicated and kind, fostering a supportive and nurturing community.
  • When I'm not at Stanford: You can catch me out on epic road trips, exploring new destinations, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of San Francisco, baking German and Austrian desserts, attempting to teach my mischievous terrier Fritz some tricks (emphasis on "attempting"), and geeking out over the intricate world of watch making.
  • The best way to reach me: Via email. 

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