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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Aerial view of Stanford. Credit: Credit Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Academic Theme Houses

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A University Theme House - Academic (UTH-A) is a productive academic collaboration between multiple participants: staff, faculty, institutional affiliates, and undergraduates, all within a residence. This intentional collaboration will seek to promote intellectual vitality in the residence. The team will initiate, implement, actively participate in, and commit to running the academic theme for a minimum of four years, with the possibility of further four-year term after successful review. 

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The premise is that the theme will assist in forming a dynamic community around a designated focus, creating interesting and stimulating conversation and knowledge exchange. This will contribute to a student’s sense of well-being and belonging in their residence to which they will have specifically pre-assigned. 

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These houses are

  • Open to all students ​who apply from any neighborhood
  • Can be all-frosh, four-class or upperclass houses 
  • You can live in an academic university theme dorm for two of your three upperclass years.  You can live here a third year if you are a student leader.
  • If you live in this type of house your first year, the neighborhood the house is in will become your neighborhood home. You are still eligible to live in a different university theme house in your upperclass years.
  • While open to students in all neighborhoods, the house will be part of one neighborhood, will participate on that neighborhood’s community council, and will have access to and share resources with the neighborhood.
  • Governed by the Committee on Residential Learning (CoRL).
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At Home Abroad House: Slavic, Francophone and Italian Cultures and Languages

AHA House will be a place where upper class students will explore different cultural experiences, fostering a trans-national, diverse community.

Banner image for EAST featuring different colored hands that appear to be made of chalk and set against a blackboard. One set of hands features also a bent arm and wheels to appear as though differently abled.

Equity, Access, & Society Theme (EAST)

A home to explore, affirm, and debate what inclusion, diversity, equity, and access mean to the people of Stanford and our local, national, and global communities.

Energy innovation light bulb graphic interface. Credit: @biancoblue, via Freepik

Explore Energy

A vibrant residential community and living laboratory that expands energy and sustainability education through interdisciplinary dialog, exploration, and action. A place/home for people passionate about making a difference!

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Humanities House

A lively central location for humanities activity on campus and the physical home to students who share a passion for any dimension of the human experience.


Students in this program are members of a tightly knit arts community who live together in Stern Hall’s Burbank House. 

Students on house trip to Yosemite. Credit: Unknown

Outdoor House

Outdoor House aims to be a bastion for thought and discussion about coupled human natural systems, sustainability, and conservation.

Exterior photo of Haas house during Spring 2016.

Public Service & Civic Engagement

Stanford’s Public Service and Civic Engagement theme dorm where resident life involves activities and events centered on public service. 

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Robert Moore North (Well House)

Students living at The Well need to commit to live substance free and actively promote an environment based upon the respect and care for others in the community.


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Structured Liberal Education (SLE)

SLE focuses on great works of philosophy, religion, literature, art and painting, and film drawn largely, but not exclusively, from the Western tradition.

 New students are welcomed to campus with one of the most recognized symbols of Stanford on the lawn outside Wilbur Hall. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Criteria for a University Theme House - Academic (UTH-A)

The criteria is the backbone for all University Theme House - Academic and also informs our application questions

Exterior photo of Okada House.