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Heatwave, 2023. Credit: Anthony Chen / Ethography

Row Signature Program Fund

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This funding line is only available to Row houses and supports Row houses in establishing and hosting a “signature” traditional event that is open to the campus or neighborhood. This fund supports the administrative costs of hosting an all-campus or all-neighborhood event.

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line

More About the Row Signature Program Fund

  • These events do not need to be parties or events where alcohol is served.
  • While this funding line is designed to support a single event per Row house, if a house wishes to spread the funds across a quarterly event, that is ok– the important thing is that this fund can only support events that are open to the whole neighborhood or the whole campus.
  • Row houses are not required to host all-campus or all-neighborhood events; like all the other funds in this bucket, houses can choose whether or not to apply for them.
  • Application is required to access these funds, and requests must be made for either all-campus or all-neighborhood events.
  • This fund is funded by a fixed term grant. This funding is equally distributed across each Row house ($3,000 per Row house).

Inappropriate and Appropriate Use of These Funds

Inappropriate Use of These Funds (Will Not Be Approved)

  • Flights for students (flights for guest speakers and performers are acceptable)
  • Alcohol for students
  • Any participation incentive more than $50 per person, or any gift cards of any value
  • Anything off-campus (must take place in or near hosting Row house)
  • End of year banquets and special dinners (houses should use their current year house dues for these)
  • Merch (houses should use their current year house dues for these)
  • VSO event wanting co-sponsors (please refer to guidance on collaborations with VSOs and other groups)
  • Recruitment events for student organizations (including housed Greek recruitment events)
  • Equipment:
    • Row house kitchen equipment (needs to be requested from Dining)
    • Furniture, equipment, and other items typically provided and funded by Housing, such as house permanent and communal furniture like couches and tables (needs to be requested from R&DE Housing)
    • Facility improvements (which is loosely defined by a certain dollar threshold, R&DE project status, approval requirements, construction, including but not limited to costs over $5000 and permanent installation).

Examples of Appropriate Use of These Funds

  • Security
  • Bartender (services, cannot include alcohol itself)
  • PSSI for waste disposal
  • Food
  • Performer’s fees
  • Stage and AV equipment rental and set-up
  • Specific events: Taqueria, Crepe Night, Beer & Pretzels, Pizzeria, QUOM
Row exterior, 2023. Credit: Sean Mckibbon-Ray