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Garden Party, 2023. Credit: Nikolas Liepins / Ethograpy

Council Program Fund

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Find out more about the Council Program Fund and related neighborhood programs.

2023-24 Neighborhood Decorative Accent Line


The primary purpose of each Council Program Fund is to build neighborhood identity, creating opportunities for students to connect and socialize within their neighborhood. Each council is expected to host a minimum of 24 programs a year to advance that purpose. This fund is used to support those council-hosted programs and is largely fully budgeted out for the programs outlined below, though councils are encouraged to host additional programs based on neighborhood student interest where funds are available. It is not available to houses or other groups through an application.

Council Program Fund Overview

EventFY24 Annual Council Program Fund
Big Five Neighborhood Events & NSO T-shirts$16,000
Neighborhood Welcome BBQ & T-shirts$24,000
Neighborhood Tree Planting Ceremony & Merch$21,000
Quarterly Neighborhood Festivals$22,500
Bi-Weekly Neighborhood Programs$22,500
Neighborhood All-campus Event$95,000
Neighborhood Program Miscellaneous Supplies$10,000
Total $211,000

Council Program Fund Management

Within the above parameters, councils decide the details of the programs they host, and the council student representative from each house is instrumental in making these decisions. Students interested in learning more about their neighborhood council’s budget, including budget status, are encouraged to reach out to their house’s council student representative for more information. 

Inappropriate and Appropriate Use of These Funds

Inappropriate Use of These Funds 

  • Per person total program costs over $150.
  • Any participation incentive more than $50 per person, or any gift cards of any value.
  • Flights for students (flights for guest speakers and performers are acceptable).
  • Alcohol for students.
  • VSO event wanting co-sponsors (please refer to guidance on collaborations with VSOs and other groups)
  • Equipment:
    • Row house kitchen equipment (needs to be requested from Dining)
    • Furniture, equipment, and other items typically provided and funded by Housing, such as house or neighborhood permanent and communal furniture like couches and tables; or resident fellow apartment furniture/equipment (needs to be requested from R&DE Housing or Resident Fellow Program)
    • Facility improvements (which is loosely defined by a certain dollar threshold, R&DE project status, approval requirements, construction and including but not limited to costs over $5000 and permanent installation).

Examples of Appropriate Use of These Funds

  • Expenses associated with:
    • Bi-weekly council-hosted programs
    • Quarterly council-hosted programs
    • Big Five council-hosted programs
    • All-campus council-hosted programs
    • Other council-hosted programs and initiatives
  • Performance fees, equipment purchases and rentals, merch, food for the above programs
  • Neighborhood equipment that supports the above programs:
    • Neighborhood programmatic equipment/upkeep that is intended to be multi-year use and is available and accessible to the whole neighborhood (e.g., outdoor inflatable movie theater screen, outdoor mobile lighting) - must have a summer storage plan put in place
    • Appropriate items for neighborhood funding are things that can be stored, occasionally involve minimally invasive installation, and typically do not require approval beyond the R&DE Housing Building Manager or Assistant Director-level.
    • Additional guidance:
      • Cost is less than $5000.
      • This programmatic equipment is not permanently installed.
      • This programmatic equipment doesn't​ require going through an involved R&DE project process, campus planning approval, or construction.
Magnolia council meeting, 2023. Credit: Racheal Yates