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Stern: Burbank

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Neighborhood A

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Stern, Columbae, Delta Delta Delta, Mars, Sigma Nu, and apartments in Mirrielees and EVGR-A


Burbank is located in Stern Hall, close to Green Library, Stanford Bookstore, Main Quad, Wilbur Field, Meyer Green, and outdoor space (including basketball and sand volleyball courts). The house includes a lounge, library, kitchen, yoga/dance studio, meeting/seminar rooms, art space and computer cluster.

Find more information about Stern Hall residences on the Residential & Dining Enterprises website

Resident Fellows

A-lan Holt and Felipe Jimenez

Photograph of Burbank Resident Fellow

Hello! My name is A-lan Holt. I am an artist, mother, and director of IDA Stanford’s Institute for Diversity in the Arts. At IDA we believe that cultural change precedes political change and that the arts can be a powerful means for empowering difference, dismantling oppression, and building more sustainable futures. I am excited to create a community at Burbank (Stanford’s Art Dorm) with these aims in mind. I am also excited to support you as artists, creatives, changemakers, and as folks who simply enjoy making stuff new things. We’d love to have you on our RA team and as leaders of this dorm community.

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Students in this program are members of a tightly knit arts community who live together in Stern Hall’s Burbank House. 

Exterior photograph of Burbank.