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Row: Robert Moore South (BOB)

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Wilbur East, ZAP, Terra, Kappa Alpha Theta, Robert Moore South (BOB), and apartments in Mirrielees and EVGR-A


Robert Moore South (BOB) is known for its extremely central location and therefore social nature, but few people realize it represents much more than just that.

BOB is a self-op, the kind of house that students live in as a transition out of a dorm that requires a lot of personal responsibility. The house itself does not have a theme, but due to its centralized layout, it is a house where everyone interacts and grows to know the people on their halls very easily. It is a community of fun-loving people who are looking for a close-knit home environment.

Find more information about Robert Moore South and other self-op residences on the Residential & Dining Enterprises website

Exterior photograph of BOB.