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Lagunita: Norcliffe/Adelfa

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Lagunita, Roble, Alpha Phi, Xanadu, and apartments in Mirrielees and EVGR-A

About Norcliffe

Norcliffe is composed of two buildings, Norcliffe Hall and Adelfa. Our goal as RFs is that students in both buildings feel part of one house community, and that they experience the community as welcoming and real. We affectionately call the house “Nordelfa,” creating one cohesive community. 

Norcliffe Hall was opened in 2016 as a brand new dorm in historic Lagunita Court. It features a lounge with a full kitchen and island around which people sit, study and hang out. There is also a big flat screen in the kitchen area, a projector and new grand piano in the lounge, and patio with a barbecue outside. Downstairs there is a sound-proof music room, an arts area/“maker space,” stacks of sports equipment to borrow, a bright and cheerful laundry room, and a professional quality pool table. The dorm has plenty of places to study in groups of all sizes – two seminar rooms, a computer cluster, study nooks, and white boards all over the place.

About Adelfa

Adelfa is linked to Norcliffe Hall by a short arcade on the west side. Its residents enjoy all of Norcliffe’s amenities, while living in one of the most charming dorms on campus. Adelfa features a lounge with piano, kitchenette and ping-pong table, and two private study rooms. Adelfa looks out on beautiful Lagunita Court and Lakeside Dining. 

Lagunita Court epitomizes the laid-back quality of life on west campus – it’s beautiful and calm, and fun is right around the corner. Across the street, you can find AOERC (climbing walls, basketball courts, and Avery Recreational Pool), Roble Arts Gym (theater performances, yoga studios, dance classes), a playing field on top of the new Roble underground garage.

“Nordelfa” has plenty of fun traditions. We work to build a community of upperclass and first year students; the dorm sponsors many all-dorm activities, such as a weekly yoga class, cooking projects in the kitchen, annual trips to Monterey and Yosemite as well as “Snow Trip.” We have a tradition of great events on Fridays and Saturdays, when an RA hosts activities like movies, video games and Wii dance parties with snacks (Norcliffe’s full kitchen makes for great cooking). During finals week we have nightly study breaks with great food! Every year Norcliffe staff and RFs sponsor “off the Farm” excursions, which have included trips to opera, ballet and musical theater in San Francisco, professional sports games, historical “food tours” exploring San Francisco neighborhoods, a hands-on lesson in glassblowing at a Bay Area factory. Whatever residents propose, we’ll try to make happen. 

Find more information about Lagunita Court residences on the Residential & Dining Enterprises website

Resident Fellows

Krish Seetah and Sâsa Čaval

More information about the Norcliffe/Adelfa Resident Fellows is coming soon. 

Exterior photograph of Norcliffe and Adelfa.