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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

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Membership of CoRL

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Membership on CoRL is appointed through three mechanisms.  Faculty members are appointed through the Committee on Committees (CoC) out of the Faculty Senate.  Student membership is appointed by the Nominations Committee (NomCom) out of the ASSU.  

2021-22 Committee on Residential Learning (CoRL)

  • Chair: Elaine Treharne, Roberta Bowman Denning Professor and Professor, by courtesy, of German Studies
  • Jan Barker-Alexander, Assistant Vice Provost, the Centers for Equity, Community and Leadership & Resident Fellow in Ujamaa
  • Sally Benson, Precourt Family Professor and Director, Precourt Institute for Energy
  • Jonathan Berger, Denning Family Provostial Professor
  • Cheryl Brown, Assistant Vice Provost, Residential Education & Resident Fellow in Meier
  • Jenn Calvert, Representative for Undergraduate Residence Governance Council & Resident Fellow in FroSoCo (non-voting member)
  • Zephyr Frank, Gildred Professor of Latin American Studies and Professor, by courtesy, Iberian and Latin American Cultures
  • Marisa Galvez, Associate Professor of French and Italian and, by courtesy, of German Studies
  • Imogen Hinds, Executive Director, Residential and Dining Enterprises Student Housing Operations
  • Amina Darwish, Associate Dean for Religious & Spiritual Life and Advisor for Muslim Life
  • Phil Malone, Professor (Teaching) of Law
  • Hari Manoharan, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Yoshiko Matsumoto, Yamato Ichihashi Chair in Japanese History and Civilization and Professor, by courtesy, of Linguistics 
  • Dayo Mitchell, Senior Associate Director, Thinking Matters and Sophomore College, Undergraduate Education 
  • Stephen Monismith, Obayashi Professor in the School of Engineering
  • Louis Newman, Dean of Academic Advising, Undergraduate Education
  • Shari Palmer, Representative for Undergraduate Residence Governance Council (non-voting member)
  • Katie Dragone, '23
  • Grant Regen, '22
  • Laura Schlosberg, Assistant Dean of Academic and Curriculum Support in Humanities and Sciences