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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Neighborhood F

Neighborhood F Houses

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Explore the individual houses, themes, and communities found within Neighborhood F, located in the east side of Stanford campus. 

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EVGR Aerial. Credit: Residential and Dining Enterprises

EVGR-A Duan Family Hall

EVGR-A Duan Family Hall is located in east campus, with wings ranging from six to ten stories high.  EVGR opened in 2020 and features a design that reflects the distinct style and attributes of many of Stanford’s most beloved buildings. 

Mirrielees exterior. Credit: Jeff Rumans, via Residential & Dining Enterprises


Mirrielees sits in handy proximity to Gerhard Casper Quad, Vaden, and other East Campus landmarks and offers a friendly environment a little removed from the hustle and bustle of Main Campus. The ideal Mirrielees resident will develop both self-sufficiency and interdependence.

Gerhard Casper Quad: Castaño

Castaño is part of the vibrant Gerhard Casper Quad, which is home to the acclaimed Gerhard Casper Dining Commons. Residents enjoy a wonderful range of house amenities, as well as close access to Manzanita Field.

Gerhard Casper Quad: Kimball

Kimball Hall thrives as a hub of creative activity on campus. Located in the Gerhard Casper Quad, Kimball has a music practice room, art studio, and a large lounge with excellent acoustics, lighting system, two grand pianos and a fireplace. 

Gerhard Casper Quad: Lantana

Lantana is part of the vibrant Gerhard Casper Quad, which is home to the acclaimed Gerhard Casper Dining Commons. All of Lantana’s common spaces are located on the wheelchair-accessible first floor.

Ng exterior. Credit: Residential and Dining Enterprises

Gerhard Casper Quad: Ng

Ng House features a fabulous lounge and kitchen, where students can cook, socialize, and enjoy the many events that the community puts on. There are reading nooks and small work-spaces on every floor; and a reading room, a music practice room, and a creative workspace.

Pi Beta Phi exterior. Credit: Residential and Dining Enterprises

Row: 517 Cowell

Located in the Cowell Cluster, our house contains a vibrant, compassionate community that promotes social and academic empowerment. Residents can be found in study groups in the kitchen, or listening to music in the sunny courtyard, or chit-chatting in the hallways. Meal times are crucial to fostering community within the house, where residents have the opportunity to decompress and hang out.

Row: 592 Mayfield

Our community is diverse, vibrant, and just the right amount of weird. The three-story house features a balcony, a courtyard, a spacious front porch, and occasionally a raccoon when we leave the window open. We love to meet new people, so come by the house sometime and say hi!

Row: Grove

Grove is a close-knit community. We often have casual in-house events, like trivia nights, to fit with our laid back attitude. However, we also host larger events, like concerts, that bring the whole Grove community and friends outside of the house together. The small number of residents fosters a "family" feel, and that generally helps the community have a lot of buy-in.

Row: Kairos

Kairos’ small size makes for an intimate and connective co-op experience. Located on the mid-upper row, residents can easily enjoy social life on the row while finding a retreat back at the house. Kairos was established in 1988 and is one of the youngest co-ops on campus, with residents having ample opportunity to shape the community and its values.