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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Row: Neptune (650 Mayfield)

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Formerly known as Slavianskii Dom, remnant decorations sprinkle the house as Neptune strives to bring vibrant, wholesome, inclusive energy to its house, neighborhood, and the Upper Row. 

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More About Neptune (650 Mayfield)

Our house provides Stanford housing’s most coveted amenities: you can live your Haikyu!! dreams on a sand volleyball pit, duel it out with two ping pong tables, study in a cottagecore-esque library, picnic on a grandiose front-lawn, or use the nestled backyard perfect for concerts, bonfires, and evenings under the stars. Food brings people together in Neptune; our chef makes phenomenal food in the spacious kitchen and our dining room echoes with chatter and laughter. If you’re curious about house traditions, we allege new ones every other week. Neptune is a non-greek, non-theme, turquoise-colored (arguably blue or green) self-op that serves the looks, charm, and clout of the upper Row.

Neptune (650 Mayfield) is located in...

Aspen (A)

Stern, 557 Mayfield, 702 Bowdoin, Columbae, Mars, Neptune (650 Mayfield), Pluto, and apartments in Mirrielees and EVGR-A Duan Family Hall

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For more information about Neptune (650 Mayfield) and other self-op residences visit the Residential & Dining Enterprises website