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 Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

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Row communities are managed by students, who act as representatives of their residents and make decisions on their behalf.

Each house has 1-3 student Kitchen Managers, whose primary focus is on ensuring their residents' needs are met and preferences are considered. They are the primary channel of communication between their residents and the professionals or students who are preparing the food, and as such, students who live in these houses must be comfortable engaging in dialogue with their peers about their individual dietary needs and preferences. Kitchen Managers also procure foodstuffs for the 24/7 open pantry and are responsible for ensuring the student use of the kitchen is in compliance with county code.

While the Kitchen Manager position is the primary position dedicated to maintaining the kitchen and dining spaces and ensuring food service, the other student staff positions, especially the Financial Manager position, also play an integral role in the management of the space and service.

While living and eating in a Row house requires a certain amount of time and investment on the part of both residential student staff and residents, students who live in these communities attest to the sense of ownership they feel over their lives and living spaces, as well as to the lessons they've learned and the depth of relationships they've built while working and eating together.